Heaven is a metaphor for the Womb, Childhood

Heaven is just a metaphor for the womb, childhood
A carefree time, fed, protected, sheltered, cared for & our parents made sure the troubles of adult life were kept away from us
Mommy lost her job? Don’t worry, she will get another one soon. we will be ok, you go play
Daddy has to go to the hospital and stay a few days? Don’t worry, it is nothing, he will be back soon
Religion is exploiting this Nostalgia, telling us that we can run away & hide from REAL LIFE, from growing up
“God” will keep us stuck as eternal helpless children - will feed, protect, shelter, care and of course keep us away from real life that we faced on earth
I have tried to get these views published but batting zero so far
it seems most media is religious media - will not allow new ideas to see the light of day

Seems I’ve heard this one before. Might not be new at all. Or just a twist on the old. Have you checked out “Only Sky”. It’s a new media company that specializes in these kinds of ideas. Not sure if they take submissions.

Start a Thread. Who knows what it might lead to. But be prepared to be challenged.

I like very much this idea. It is new for me. It opens perspectives.

Well yeah, but don’t take it too far.
The fetus is not sealed off and isolated from the outside environment.
The mother’s emotional and physical circumstance certainly percolates down into the developing fetus.

A child being coddled into a loving mothers’s bosom, that probably feels like moments of heaven for sure.