Children Killed

Recently a killer went to a school and shot up 3 kids and their teachers
My question - if these kids are in Heaven - what does God say when these Kids cry for their Mommy and Daddy?
And what if one of these Kids is Atheist or his/her parents are Atheist & do not believe in God?

Indulging you, the part after “if”, I was told that since they died before the “age of decision”, they go straight to heaven. Heaven isn’t a place where you miss your mommy. You’re happy, even knowing others are in hell, somehow it all makes sense to them.

But you aren’t really discussing the “going to heaven part” which is total & fanciful conjecture based on personal emotional needs?

The fact is the children are dead, their lives have been robbed from them, and the children have been robbed from their families and communities. The rest is emotions and the faith of living people dealing with unfathomable loss and pain.

Even Fundamngelicals (Evangelical Fundies) believe that age of accountability doesn’t happen until a kid is older than these kids were. I know, because I grew up in that sect. As for missing mommy and daddy, “it wouldn’t be heaven, if we knew what was happening down on Earth” as my mother said, and so Heaven is so glorious that humans aren’t thinking about what is happening here. That said, I always thought, “If Heaven is so great, why don’t more humans commit suicide to get there faster?” Even suicide seems to be forgiven anymore.

I always imagined it went something like this:
Priest 1 - Boy that Heaven idea seems to be paying off, they’re really staying in line.
Priest 2 - I’m not so sure, they all seem to be committing suicide, it’s so miserable down here.
Priest 1 - Hmm, maybe we should tell them god hates suicide?
Priest 2 - Good idea. “Hey everybody, I just came back from the oracle and it said Suicide is bad. You’ll go straight to hell.”
Priest 1 - Boy they look pissed, but I swear to god they’ll get over it.

It may have gone that way, because you can’t control dead people.

This is the truth, but humans seem to prefer fantasy over the truth when it comes to death, because they don’t want to face the finality of death.

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