Heaven - Running away from Real Life

We know of only this world - this earth, this universe
As far as we know life ends once we die
But obviously none of us want that to be the end
And so Religions, Cults exploit this need in us to continue after death and so came up with wild promises - it seems to me that if an organization has few members it is mocked as a Cult but if it has millions or billions of members it is not a respected Religion
As they say if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is - does Heaven not sound a bit too good to be true?
An eternal life of ease & comfort
The disturbing thing for me is that no one mentions any work being done
Even more frightening no one even asks!
Problem: What would a magic being with incredible powers, with the ability to create this vast universe, need any work to get done?
We end up with billions of people just laying about doing nothing
An idle, lazy, useless and pointless existence for eternity!
And this is God’s Grand Plan?
It makes no sense!
And so religions do not encourage such pesky questions, the followers do not ask and as I said, frighteningly, the rest of us do not ask such questions either!
I look for rational answers to ideas
The idea of Heaven is simply pure exploitation - Cults coming up with cheap promises of an everlasting life of ease & comfort and as long as no one asks for evidence(which they have none) or ASK FOR DETAILS, they get away with it
The Concept of Reincarnation, then, is saying, there is only One world, this one - choose to live in it, don’t chase after castles in the sky

What are you talking about? This forum is not a religious forum, it is a secular forum, where religious people are allowed to post.
But non-religious people (atheists) have the right to challenge the religious perspective.

From what you just wrote there is no disagreement on my part other than that you assumed to be talking to religious people.

I am a hard atheist. If you do not understand the term, here is the definition


Atheism, in the broadest sense, is an absence of belief in the existence of deities.[1][2][3][4] Less broadly, atheism is a rejection of the belief that any deities exist.[5][6] In an even narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities.[1][2][7][8] Atheism is contrasted with theism,[9][10] which in its most general form is the belief that at least one deity exists.[10][11][12]

You are picking on the wrong crowd, my friend.

This forum is not a religious forum, it is a secular forum,

Its titled religion and secularism. Leave your aggression at home and quit with the bullying

Yes, it is a sub-forum that allows for debate on religious matters, not for unchallenged preaching or proselytizing.

In a religious forum you must first declare that you believe in god before you are allowed to post at all.

I believe it has been established that you are the aggressive poster, making unsupported claims and insinuations, and I am merely responding to your wild speculations.

This is from the FAQ.

The Forum supports the interests of CFI by creating an online community of supporters and interested inquirers into CFI’s areas of concern, which can be generally described as advancing the enlightenment project, fostering an evidence-based, scientific outlook and humanist values.

If this was a forum about chess but you wanted to discuss checkers, it would not be bullying to say we weren’t interested.

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For me, stories and humor are great ways to address deep held beliefs. Read Mark Twain’s story, Excerpt From Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven, as a great example of reduction to absurdity.