Heads up to Facebook users - Beware of Propaganda

The T rump campaign has bought up almost all of the ad space on Facebook, to use to deliver their propaganda (lies) about the impeachment process. $2 million, just for that. Facebook has pretty consistently sold space for political messages regardless of whether it is a blatant lie.


Facebook has become just another major T rump campaign support like FOX news and the other Trumpist news outlets and talk radio.

So beware, if you use Facebook or know people who do.

I use facebook ad blocker so I don’t see ads. Get a good ad blocker and you won’t have to worry about it.

Dems, and left leaning news commentators wonder about the polls not changing re: voters who favor “impeachment and removal” vs those who are “opposed to impeachment” (which is something like 50% vs 40% respectively). Those #'s haven’t changed over the past few months, despite the meticulous attempts by the Dems to carefully gather evidence, and to go after a straightforward case of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. They got all the testimony they thought would be sufficient, despite the extraordinary attempts by the White House and the Trumpublicans in the House to interfere with their efforts. So the evidence is available for whoever wants to look at it.

Now, the Trumpublicans, in order to counter their hard work of fact finding, don’t need to do anything particularly difficult. They just have to come up with various falsities, or flat out lies, or make up false conspiracy theories. AND THEN GET THEIR MESSAGE OUT. I think that they must be very good at doing that. I think they must be MUCH better at GETTING THEIR MESSAGE OUT, than the Dems.

The best narrative should be making a difference in those poll #‘s. The truth based on evidence available in a concise easily understandable form, one would think, would make for a superior narrative. However the Trumpublicans are also superior in developing slogan/catch phrases, like “No Collusion/No Obstruction” or "No Quid Pro Quo’ and imbue these catchy phrases with a sense of truth and a sense of being meaningful (Tho they are neither.).

The Dems cannot counter the money the T rump campaign has spent on Facebook, at least not on Facebook, cause all of the ad space, there, was bought by the T rump campaign. I think the Democratic Party should hire writers to help them out with their messaging. And they should get serious about GETTING THEIR MESSAGE OUT.

and you won’t have to worry about it.
Yup that's precisely the sort of complacency that has made the Democratic Party what they aren't. :-(


  • Worldwide, there are over 2.45 billion monthly active users (MAU) as of September 2019. This is an 8 percent increase in Facebook MAUs year-over-year.
  • 1.62 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users (Facebook DAU) for September 2019. This represents a 9 percent increase year-over-year (Source: Facebook 10/30/19). Sixty-six percent of Facebook’s audience would be considered Daily Active Users (DAU) versus Monthly Active Users (MAU).
  • Mobile advertising revenue is reported according to Facebook to represent approximately 94 percent of advertising revenue for Q3 2019 up from approximately 92% of advertising revenue in the third quarter of 2018.
  • Five new profiles are created every second. The Implication: Your potential audience on Facebook is growing exponentially.
  • 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or important to their business.
  • 69% of US citizens use Facebook. About 3/4 of those use it daily or more. https://zephoria.com/top-15-valuable-facebook-statistics/

I couldn’t find a stat on how many users block their adds on Facebook. I wonder what % even know that they can. I doubt that it prevents sharing of lies that the ones who don’t block ads get, with other Facebook users.

Facebook is a VERY powerful propaganda tool. T rumpians own it for purposes of anti impeachment propaganda. I suggest that this explains why the fact based narrative is not gaining ground and, now, may be losing ground relative to Trumpian lies.

If you want 5 more years of T rump (or more if he chooses, since he will be a flat out dictator during that time), then by all means, don’t worry about Facebook being a formidable and effective propaganda tool for the T rump campaign.








It would be great if people boycotted Facebook and other social media platforms that benefit from propaganda, lies, fake news, etc.

The main negative would be the that now those platforms truly would be closed systems with no dissenting views. Whatever propaganda, lies or fake news posted will have no counter argument which, although it is largely ignored at the moment, at least is shows that some people disagree with the propaganda, lies or fake news.

This topic really bums me out because I know so many people trapped in their silos of ideas, and there is a real danger that my friends are actively contributing to the destruction of the environment and our society.

If there is an alternative to Facebook, I would think that a vast migration would be in order.

Here is Facebook’s new mission statement: “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected”

If it were “to give people power to vastly propagandize others with lies and to make the world more intensively politically divided” then they would really be meeting their mission.

I truly believe that the monopolized Facebook anti-impeachment campaign by the Trump Campaign, is having a strong effect in the polls. Such lies may very well bring an end to our democracy.

I used to kiddingly say that Facebook is the antichrist. Were I religious, I would take that thought more seriously, these days.

Oh boy the Facebook question. Somewhere I have an account, but I rarely use it, then the other day I had a friend request that got me to looking at all the Invites I’ve received - sort of shocking how many people I know who have reached out - even old River Rat pals that loved lecturing with John Birch bullshit around the camp fire (who co incidentally also introduced us to Grease Bombs, but that’s another story. They do love their guns and things that go boom.), which ten, fifteen years ago we could still laugh at - now it seems to have become main stream lunacy. Just tossing that out there, don’t let my persona fool you in person I can get along with quite an assortment of characters.

I’ve always ignored Facebook Friends requests as I do all of Facebook, but was thinking I really ought to engage, especially since deep down I really think there’s gotta be some people who’d appreciate what I’m writing, if only I’d circulate it better.

But every time I go on Facebook, it seems too straight. Still I’ve been trying to talk myself into it, now this reminder of the dark forces that have taken over Facebook for purely data mining and people manipulation purposes, and I wonder.


Any regular Facebook users here? Have any two cents worth to toss in?

I was up to over 4 facebook posts a day last year. I’ve been cutting back, sometimes even skipping a day. That, and sometimes long conversations, similar to what you see me doing here. My favorite page is “Pot Smoking Atheists who Love Cats”. Politics is discouraged on that one. I’m not a current smoker, but I hope the laws catch up with my needs pretty soon.

I also have a friend of a friend with a page called “Values, Virtues and Vision”. He is a musician and has written a couple books, very simple stuff, and he thinks he has the world figured out. He writes long tirades against Trump and calls all 60 million of his voters unpatriotic and unthinking. I’ve called him on it a couple times and he just turns his vitriol on me. I asked him to get together for lunch, he said yes, but didn’t follow up. I know, based on solid data, that he would be a different person face to face. That is the problem with facebook. People feel like they are being themselves, but they are not who they are in person.

I just heard of a study where business owners were asked if they would serve a Chinese person. The study was from 1932. Many said no. So, the Chinese sociologist went to their business with his wife, and about half the time they treated him well. I think that disparity would be higher today. There social cred for saying you are prejudice, and it’s easy to say something about a nameless, faceless person from some other group. But in actual practice, it’s not how most people act.

Anyway, my advice for facebook, use the time factor. You are not required to respond immediately, so don’t. Write carefully, ask value questions, find agreement, remove insults. Be the absolute best person you can be, because it will only come across as civil at best. No matter how nice or fair you think you are being, it is likely it won’t look that way to others. They will add whatever facial expressions and snippy tone of voice they want.

As for the ads and memes, I started debunking back when I first got the email about how they were going to charge for emails like they do for postal letters. It had a congressional bill # that didn’t exist, but it persisted for years. I used to post Snopes, but now everyone says they are biased, which is BS. I skip the simpler stuff now, or just ask them for facts, but I still like a challenge.

You may have seen the one where gun violence has decreased while gun ownership has increased. These are actually valid facts, but, it leaves out that the decrease was more likely due to the Brady Bill and assault weapons ban. Since that expired, violence has crept up again. Besides, were still statistically more like the most violent countries in the world, with 10 times more of it than other industrialized democracies. So, stuff like that.

In related news, the Epoch Times has gone all in for the T rump Campaign. Falun Gong, a Chinese but anti China govt group has spent big bucks on pro-Trump advertising.

Is most of the internet going under T rump’s domain?


and here we see how top level Republicans actually colluded with the foreign based Falon Gong to help them best message to conservatives: https://www.salon.com/2019/08/24/epoch-times-pro-trump-falun-gong-news-outlet-banned-from-buying-ads-on-facebook/

https://www.salon.com/2019/08/24/epoch-times-pro-trump-falun-gong-news-outlet-banned-from-buying-ads-on-facebook/ finally Facebook blocks some of these but not until AFTER millions upon millions have been spent to support

pro T rump lies and propaganda.

And here (this was yesterday) https://www.theverge.com/2019/12/20/21031823/facebook-twitter-trump-network-epoch-times-inauthentic-behavior

And here we see that Snopes tried to alert us but Facebook continues to pretend it is addressing the fraudulent messaging that it has broadcasted. They are taking down some of the fake foreign accounts, now, AFTER having broadcast many millions of dollars worth of lies for Falon Gong’s pro T rump, anti-impeachment messaging.

Polls show the % of Americans who are anti-impeachment, is INCREASING. T rump propaganda is WINNING the messaging war.


Snopes tried to alert us. The propaganda was too strong. Now, as Lausten says Snopes is thought to be unreliable. The propaganda makes the truth tellers suspect. We now have a Russian/Putin style media propaganda machine that is too strong to overcome, when the side of Truth is championed by a piddling couple of left leaning news networks and a few other not very strong objective media outlets. The social networks are oh so predominately Pro T rump propaganda machines. Money = Speech and money/speech/lies/propaganda is kicking Truth’s butt bigtime.


Yup that’s precisely the sort of complacency that has made the Democratic Party what they aren’t.

Blocking ads with an ad blocker because you don’t want to see ads is complacency? I think it more like protecting oneself from attempted mind control.

remove insults

I’m about to unfriend a someone who is Cult 45’er to the hilt due to his abusive language, but currently, I’m wearing his “libtard” name calling like a badge of honour. lol That’s only one of the names he’s called me. He really has his head in the sand.

I truly believe that the monopolized Facebook anti-impeachment campaign by the Trump Campaign, is having a strong effect in the polls. Such lies may very well bring an end to our democracy.

That’s what I’m getting attacked for by a Cult 45’er- publishing the truth about the impeachment and he wants me to show proof of the dotard’s crimes that he’s being impeached for. Excuse me, but I thought that was what making the impeachment public did and I shouldn’t have to be the one showing proof.

FACEBOOOK ADVOCATING WEIRD SH$T - only profits matters?

Why is inciting violence for fun and profit, protected by “free speech” claims?