Campaigns of anti-US deepfake newscasts

People are crazy so far beyond my comprehension it’s not funny.

I look around and notice real world problems, real people suffering in ever increasing numbers, Earth onetime cornucopia has morphed into a global landscape of biosphere catastrophes over every horizon. Does anyone care? Lip service isn’t caring. Gotta feel it in your viscera and bones to be able to care.

Stuff that we are absolutely dependent on for health and prosperity, but we seem hell bend on destroying the foundations of our prosperity fast as we can.

Our climate is changing faster and harder than even scientists would have dared suggest a few decades back. It’s impacting real world stuff, but we treat it as a side show, instead of front and center on everyone’s mind.

Instead we have this disconnected global club of sociopathic billionaires obsessed with their BDGs.

Obsequious paranoid leaders, nay puppets, at the top, and the money men pulling the strings. So we wind up with ever new levels of human insanity. Take for example:

CNN’s Selina Wang investigates the campaign of anti-US deepfake newscasts sent out by pro-China bot accounts on Twitter and Facebook, though their origin is unknown.
Feb 12, 2023 #CNN #news

Increasing Threats of Deepfake Identities

(a study by the Department of Homeland Security)


Deepfakes, an emergent type of threat falling under the greater and more pervasive umbrella of synthetic media, utilize a form of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to create believable, realistic videos, pictures, audio, and text of events which never happened.

Many applications of synthetic media represent innocent forms of entertainment, but others carry risk.

The threat of Deepfakes and synthetic media comes not from the technology used to create it, but from people’s natural inclination to believe what they see, and as a result deepfakes and synthetic media do not need to be particularly advanced or believable in order to be effective in spreading mis/disinformation.

Based on numerous interviews conducted with experts in the field, it is apparent that the severity and urgency of the current threat from synthetic media depends on the exposure, perspective, and position of who you ask. The spectrum of concerns ranged from “an urgent threat” to “don’t panic, just be prepared.”

To help customers understand how a potential threat might arise, and what that threat might look like, we considered a number of scenarios specific to the arenas of commerce, society, and national security.

The likelihood of any one of these scenarios occurring and succeeding will undoubtedly increase as the cost and other resources needed to produce usable deepfakes simultaneously decreases - just as synthetic media became easier to create as non-AI/ML techniques became more readily available.

In line with the multifaceted nature of the problem, there is no one single or universal solution, though elements of technological innovation, education, and regulation must comprise part of any detection and mitigation measures.

In order to have success there will have to be significant cooperation among stakeholders in the private and public sectors to overcome current obstacles such as “stovepiping” and to ultimately protect ourselves from these emerging threats while protecting civil liberties.

We were warned, healthy democracy depends upon an informed and engaged population. We’ve lost that.

They look weird, a bit off. Even if you hadn’t told us, they’d still look weird to me. Telling me helps me put my finger on why they look weird.

deep fake “journalists” complaining about deep fake bots is a revelation. Perfect example of the media spreading fake news was last week when they described the chinese balloon as a spy balloon without caveats without the use of the word alleged. without evidence. Just a mouth piece for the US war machine and in the business to forming public opinion (demonising china in this case for the preparation for war) rather than in the business of truth-telling

In France, a study of the French web for 2021 and 2022, has shown that the climate skeptics who sow doubt about climate change have increased their activities and their presence on the social networks.

Most of them were doubters about COVID dangers, against vaccination, and have relayed Russian propaganda about the Ukrainian war.

Some are more or less hidden Russian agents and bots. almost all of them are politically aligned with ultra-right.

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Dude, China asked for it back!

Where is your head hiding?
Weather balloons don’t carry a payload the size of a big truck.

For a little more on that:

yes because it belongs to China!!

I am not so sure about that. AI is infinitely more informed than humans. They have access to the internet and can gather in-depth pertinent information on any subject in a matter of minutes.

This girl is Leta a US created AI. I like her a lot.
She has many conversations with Dr AlanThompson. (see my thread on GPT3)

We’ll give China the weather data it collected. The rest we’ll keep because that data belongs to the US.

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what will the aliens say about that for their weather balloon !!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Precisely… ask Marjorie Taylor Green… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

or the US military !! :crazy_face:

Oh, you are so prejudiced against the US, it’s really troubling .
Who else would you recommend to bring down a motorized, steerable 200 ft tall balloon weighing several thousand pounds (payload?), trafficking at 60,000 ft.?

Video of the balloon showed small motors and multiple propellers that allowed China to actively maneuver the balloon over specific locations, according to a senior administration official, and it was steered by rudder, a U.S. official said.

The balloon’s payload weighed more than a couple thousand pounds, according to Gen. Glen VanHerck, commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command.

If this was a controllable weather balloon, what was it doing over the US? Measuring the airquality of US airspace?

All your deflections do nothing to change facts. That balloon was directed over US airspcace by Chinese military interests. The US military is the only authority to respond to such provokation.

If this had been a stray weather balloon, China could have made a simple phone call and we would have intercepted the balloon , and returned it to China as a gesture of “good will”.
It is the secrecy that was suspicious and was causal to US shooting it down over water, lest its contents might harm US citizens.

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3 UFO’s shot down by US military

Link from a reliable source? You are still persisting in fostering rumors.

Li[quote=“write4u, post:14, topic:10142, full:true”]
Link from a reliable source? You are still persisting in fostering rumors.

you dont know about what just occurred over the weekend? Its all over the news brother!

Again no link. If you think I am going to scour the internet for “what occurred over the weekend” you are sadly mistaken.

No link, no content. Empty air bag.

['Team Jorge' unmasked: the secret disinformation team who distort reality – video | World news | The Guardian]

yes I read that today. Israel-based spook group creating bot armies and false identities and (apparently) “meddling” in 30+ elections world wide. Could be interesting.

I saw this today.

Feb 15, 2023 #CNN #News

CNN’s Selina Wang visits a possible former site of one of the six Chinese entities the Biden administration has blacklisted in response to the suspected Chinese spy balloon that traveled across the US. Then, CNN’s Erin Burnett is joined by former Trump national security adviser John Bolton, who will be briefed on suspected spy balloons during the Trump administration, to discuss. #CNN #News

Bolton is an idiot if he thinks “that China is the major threat we face in this century.”

What about what’s happening to farm lands - means nothing?

What about increasingly destructive weather events - means nothing?

What about what’s happening to fresh water supplies - means nothing?

What about the growing populations of hopelessly poor & dispossessed & hungry - means nothing?

Heck what about the normalization of lies and slander and alternate realities, as public policy drivers - means nothing?

What about America’s Republican Party’s meltdown into a delusional paranoid hateful treasonous sect, that’s dedicated to seeking conflict, rather than resolution - means nothing?


Reflections on the insanity of the uber rich who buy into their own PR?

Bolton doesn’t have a clue about the basics of our human Earthly reality, his imagination doesn’t reach any further than being a player in their endless BDG’s, hiding behind their Kabuki theater.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

That’s why American tried democracy - to put a check on the dictatorial sociopathic aspirations of the super rich, super powerful. But, I fear we’ve dropped the ball.

When smug “journalists” get it back in the face and then some

Here is a clip that show cases all that is despised with corporate media lapdogs. The smugness, the condescension, the projection, the ad hominems the strawmanning. Tick, tick, tick, tick and tick all boxes.

The gore of calling others conspiracy propagators when they are in practice of spreading the russia gate conspiracy ad nauseum