Have I been abducted?

<p style=“text-align: center;”>For as far back as I can remember, anytime I’m not in a major city, I’ve had these weird instances where I wake up and see what looks like daylight out of the window, only for it to disappear within a second or two and it actually be nighttime still. This used to happen to me regularly when I’d visit my father’s home in Flagler Beach, FL. Sometimes 3-5 times a week. Additionally, there was always this weird but calming “bone crack” sound that would happen in the corner of the room I slept in, that I eventually waited for before ever falling asleep. I never really paid any of it any mind. Since both things only really happened in Flagler Beach to me. After a 2-4 weeks there (2-3 times a year) I’d go back home to New York City. This was back when I was between the ages of 12-26. (My father moved back to NYC when I was 26).</p>
<p style=“text-align: center;”>I always thought it was just something weird that happened there. However in my 30s I started to go away to the homes of my ex-gf’s and currently my fiance’s family, which were outside of NYC, often in places much less populated. It started happening again.</p>
<p style=“text-align: center;”>I had mentioned it to my fiancé and she basically thought I was making it up, or was “high” since up until a month ago I regularly partook In smoking cannabis. Last year we had a baby, a beautiful daughter, who shares the same blood type as I do, AB-. My fiancé, is AB+. I had read a few things over the years about Rh- blood types and more specifically AB- blood types being larger targets of alien abductions. So, I had noted to her that what happened to me, might start happening to our daughter. My fiancé laughed at me of course. However, on a trip to her brother’s home in Windham, NY, that I couldn’t go to cause of work; she called me in the middle of the night telling me “it happened”. I knew exactly what she meant. She had woken up, and found the baby sitting upright (9month old) it looked like daytime out the window through the blinds, and suddenly it was night. It happened a few more times while they were there. And had also happened to me a few times in the past 3 years while visiting her brother’s home, which is in the woods.</p>
<p style=“text-align: center;”>A little more backstory. About 18-19 months ago, I was working in the Dallas/Copell, Texas area, My fiancé was home in NYC, and at about midnight Dallas time, she called me to tell me she had a really weird dream. In the dream she was in the street that she grew up on, and there was a kangaroo fighting people, then the kangaroo came to her and became a grey alien, held her hand, and said “everything is going to be okay”. I told her it was just a dream to calm her down, but when I hung up the phone, I turned to my coworker who I was sharing a room with and said, “i’m pretty sure my fiancé is pregnant”. Three weeks later I went home and she finally took a pregnancy test which of course came out positive. I don’t know why, but I felt the dream was actually a message for me. Since I started smoking marijuana heavily in my mid-20s, I had stopped being able to remember any of my dreams. Now that I have stopped, I have begun to remember dreams again. When she had this dream, I was still smoking marijuana.</p>
<p style=“text-align: center;”>Last two bits of info that might help anyone who can help me sort all this out.</p>
<p style=“text-align: center;”>1) my daughter is super healthy and very advanced for her age. Her doctor says that she’s exhibiting behavior that typically shouldn’t happen till she’s 18-21 months old. She’s currently 10 months.</p>
<p style=“text-align: center;”>2) locations for the waking up and seeing a bright light out the window are: Flagler Beach, FL (first time it happened), Bataan, Philippines; Karlskrona, Sweden; Windham, NY; Canaan, CT; Fort McMurray, Canada; Le Pont LeClair, France; Jolly Harbour, Antigua.</p>
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<p style=“text-align: center;”>Please help, have I been abducted, so I need to worry about my daughter?</p>

How about: Only stay overnight in major cities.

Do you remember dreaming of other beings (child, animal, or other)?

Are you artistic?

Do you have emotional feelings if you image a cat’s eye?

Have you dreamt of a copy of yourself?

Do you get nosebleeds?

Have you noticed unusual scars?

Have you dreamt of soldiers? (Yourself being a soldier?)

Have you dreamt of beings of light?

Have you suffered depression?

Have you dreamt (or felt as though you remember) being inside of a cylinder?

Have you experienced sleep paralysis?

Have you had out-of-body experiences?


These are a few sample questions regarding abduction. For the full test, go here http://andryx.bplaced.net/tav.html

The object of the auto evaluation test is to stimulate your subconscious and memory; as you already know the answer to if you have been abducted- events can be hidden from your memory but not completely erased.


The number of abductees is high, the path to freedom begins with awareness.




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I read on the site that aliens only abduct from the 20% of humans who have a soul.

A practical tactic occurs to me. Sublet your soul! (No need to do the drastic step of selling your soul to the devil. Just sublet your soul to a less distasteful entity for a temporary period of time.) While not in possession of your soul, you will be immune from alien abduction.

Note: Don’t try this at home.

This guy will abduct your mind for a while.


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Thank you, I will read-over the rules again (I did briefly when signing up). I am not attempting to spam, I am not associated with the link that I provided. I have an interest in cases of reported abduction, and there is limited scientific data which is easily available on this. The site that I referenced is from one of the more prolific studies which I have come across on these cases.