Hard labor, engineering, religion, and science. Nice to meet you.

Hello, I am Waylon Cash. I am a rigger, someone who works with cranes. I have spent 12 yrs working in a job where strenuous labor is the everyday norm. I started as an ironworker and slowly worked my way up to my current position. Throughout this time I have been self educating myself in different aspects of science. But last year I finally decided it was time to attain a formal education. I am starting class at the end of this month working towards a bachelor of science for civil engineering. If I was able my major would probably be physics of some manner, but since engineering is what I already do and something I enjoy I went with that.
I have read “The God Delusion” after reading many, many pro atheist/agnostic books. I found that TGD was the summary of the ideas proposed in the aforementioned literature. It was also is layman’s terms, and easy to follow. Needless to say, I am an atheist if not a secular humanist aswell.
I also enjoy Neil Degrasse Tyson(He has great presentation), Stephen Hawking(although I am not as sure as he is of on the concept of time), Tyler Cowan, Jimena Canales, and Scott Reeves.
Hoping that this will be a good place to listen, learn, and present ideas, I am happy to be here. Thank you in advance for any knowledge passed on.