Lausten - because you don’t agree with her about what it is going to take to get out of this mess

Lausten – because you don’t agree with her about what it is going to take to get out of this mess
So, are you inviting me to have a discussion about what I think you are thinking about what I think? Not interested.

I would love to have a conversation with Greta about her passing comment that was derisive of the idea of perpetual economic growth. That is an opinion about managing economies. Maybe her derision about that topic is spot on, maybe not. But her over-riding agenda is that we have all been screwed over by climate change deniers and by the lack of leadership to do what is right re: the environment.

I don’t think that emotions that are appropriate to the context are signs of “histrionics”. And I am amazed by guys who get so worked up about what a young female does, if it impinges on political attitudes. I don’t get it.

Lausten - I didn’t hear you say you agree with what she was challenging and advocating for

:perpetual economic growth. That is an opinion about managing economies.:

No it’s about the reality of living on a finite planet under an amoral economic system that promoted greed and plunder at the expense of well being for the majority and eventually for all



You want to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs. I want to nurture and regulate it. The Green New Deal calls for developing our market based economies for renewable energies. That involves growth. Growth that will help address climate change.

Lausten – I didn’t hear you say you agree with what she was challenging and advocating for
I'm not going to discuss what you did or didn't hear. You are responding to what you think you heard, and I don't know what that is. I only heard a clip of the speech. I don't think it will change my life if I don't dissect every word of it and provide you with my opinion.

What was disappointing was the kids they interviewed. They didn’t have any specific steps to take. My hope is, this youth movement is just getting started and they will find some leadership that will craft those specifics. They’ll probably find out, like everyone else has for the last 50 years, that doing a ton of science won’t get heard, that reduce, reuse, recycle is necessary but doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything, that people with money who can do something will keep flying around and spending their money on fancy cars.

I hear that Conservatives have bigger amygdalas than liberals, and are thus more fear based. Maybe conservative males can’t handle young females who are less fear-based than they are.


Economic growth, growth in the new energies production and development, growth in wages, growth in the provision of an affordable and universally available health care system, and growth in an effective and less punitively oriented, and less biased by the wealth of the accused - justice system, and so on.

A lot of progressive stuff that is going to need funding, son. You have to work it so that you can get the funding necessary to progress thru increased taxes on the richest, or thru savvy economic policies. Obviously you cannot take corporate money for it. In fact, you will likely be competing with some fake narratives they put out.

What would change your mind one guy?
About the girl — nothing. I suspect her parents are using her as a prop for their own activism and it will go nowhere. Besides, teens should be seen and not heard.

As for capitalism being the cause of climate change — that’s false but it definitely adds some fuel to the fire.

"That’s false but it definitely adds some fuel to the fire:


Whatever that means!!!

I also wanted to respond to Oneguy’s question about histrionic girls making a difference. 1) That French girl who riled up and led a rebellion of some sort, back in history.
Joan of Arc? She was very inspirational because the French believed she fulfilled a catholic prophecy. However most historians think the English were going to lose the war in any event.
and 2) that Lindsey Graham when she dove in with her histrionics, to save the day when all seemed lost for the Beermeister Kavanaugh’s chance to be approved as a SCOTUS Justice.
A liberal making gay jokes! Haze yourself.
Whatever that means!!!
It means capitalism plays a small role in the problem but is not the cause.

One does not need to be a girl or gay to exhibit “histrionics”. Kavanaugh also showed his own histrionics that day.

“It means capitalism plays a small role in the problem but is not the cause”

I am willing to bet you can’t explain why and what is the actual cause…

I’ve known lots of kids in the autism spectrum and their parents. Understanding and supporting a child who is in the spectrum is challenging for parents in any case. I doubt that Greta’s parents ever had a grand plan of indoctrinating her and sending her out into the world to do what she is doing. And it sounds to me like they have been more influenced by her than vice versa.

Greta has been speaking truth to power. She has important things to say. A person should be heard if they have something worthwhile to say. Clearly, she does.

The backlash has began. She struck a nerve.

Macron on the attack


Radical’ Greta Thunberg ‘antagonizes our societies’, Macron says after her UN speech

French President Emmanuel Macron did not hide his frustration with Greta Thunberg’s furious attack on world leaders – himself included – at the UN, displaying a change of heart since hosting her last year.

The environmental activist had a productive day at the UN on Monday, berating the delegates for “betraying young people” through their inaction in tackling the climate crisis. She also added a legal complaint to her itinerary, pressuring five countries, including France, to get back on track with the emissions goals they decided on in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Speaking with Europe 1 radio, Macron denounced the 16-year-old’s “radical” stance which, he says, erodes common ground in the battle against climate change.

We can see a very radical position there, of the nature that antagonizes our societies.

The French president, who hosted Thunberg at the Elysée Palace less than a year ago, said it would be more productive to aim the gun of her rhetoric at nations who stand aside while the world tries to solve the climate problem. He was referring to Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Estonia, which prevented the EU from adopting a pledge to cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

Their rendezvous in February lasted for nearly two hours and was documented in photos with Macron hugging the activist paternally.

The French president recalled the meeting in May, praising the girl’s energy and efforts in a tweet.

Macron, with his famous phrase “there is no planet B,” likes to style himself as a leading defender of the global climate, in contrast to US President Donald Trump, who withdrew the US from the Paris climate accord. So, however distressed Macron may be by Thunberg’s actions, he made sure to speak positively about the mobilization of young people on the climate-change front, saying “we need youth to assist us in putting pressure on those who block, in bringing them to action.”

The teenage campaigner is also known for her position against air travel, spearheading the ‘flight shame movement.’ She made it to New York after a 15-day voyage in a sailboat across the Atlantic.

Macron is often criticized by environmental activists at home for the “mini steps” taken by France to combat climate change, as described by his former environment minister, Nicolas Hulot, who dramatically announced his resignation in a live broadcast last year in protest over Macron’s climate policies.