The Green New Deal

This is the text of the aspirational resolution (not a law) of the Green New Deal. Read it. You will find nothing about your cows and burgers being taken away or your planes and automobiles. No Death Panels (oh wait, that was a repub lie for Obamacare, not the GND.) So all the lies you have heard by the various repubs, along with the lie that the GND is a prime way to usher in Communism, should be disregarded.

It is not a radical plan. It seems completely rational and moderate to me. If FDR saw it, I think he would consider it to be a bit mamby pamby, i.e., not radical enuf to address the reality.

This is why I don’t bother to argue with Climate Change deniers. It seems to me that the things they’re recommending for the environment seem perfectly reasonable, WHATEVER the cause is. It doesn’t matter whether it’s caused by human action or not.

Well, if the deniers can convince enuf ppl, (and they have convinced a lot) that Climate Change is due to overwhelming natural occurrences (e.g., natural cycles, the sun getting hotter, or whatever), then it is a small step to saying that it is too big to have been caused by humans, and, hence, it is also too big for humans to do anything about it. Hence the climate deniers win. Because, then, not enuf ppl will be motivated to try to do anything about Climate Change.

The Green New Deal is being pushed by the far left. The Presidential runners were all promoting The Green New Deal. The Senate called the bluff. As far as I am concerned it is nothing more than a political tool being used to break up the Nancy controlled Democrats by the far left. And it is working.

The “moderates” of the Democratic Party have been unable to stand against the extremist right forces, that have used unfair tactics to prevent the development of policies that most Americans want. The Democratic Party must evolve, and welcome in, and adapt with the emerging energetic part of the party. Business as usual (trying to compromise for incremental partially conservative goals, in order to get cooperation from the right, who will NOT cooperate anyway) is no longer a reasonable approach. Because time is running out.