Great examples of how MAGA operates - projection is being nice

David Pakman - Feb 28, 2024

This is too much, how the heck was this ever allowed beyond the discussion within Judge Scott McAfee’s Chambers?
This Judge McAfee seems to belong in the same class as FBI’s James Comey.

Deception, lies, self-serving and disregard for others and contempt for “fair play” and such scruples. This is our world, we stood by during its inception, and nurturing, now the monster they created is readying to devour itself, along with all else. It’s such a crying shame.

The billionaires like Koch and such playing us like puppets on a strings. We had the government, the Constitution, we had the power of the people, we the people were a counterforce, but we’ve lost so much, Nixon, Reagan fantasy; Gingrich’s contrived hostility and internal war mongering; incipient christian nationalists; tea party and chaos in service of billionaire power consolidation. That was the new deal that the GOP offered America and supercharged with MAGA.

Now, we should at least try rescuing what we can, maybe rescue is too grand, lets try to hold onto what we can . . .
The younger generation of Democrats has some real talent, the stuff that’s forged from hard times and experience. It ain’t over till it’s over.

At least Election Day is still the one day your opinion matters to the billionaire masters of the universe. We The People need to get and stay involved and supportive our favorite Representatives and after the election, keep on them, they need our wind at their backs to accomplish real change. We need each other to keep ourselves honest!

And yes, human failures aside, there is a big difference between Democrats and Republicans -

Democrats still hold allegiance to the pluralistic principles of America and the rule of law.

Republican have utter contempt for than and are in an all out war against liberal types and progressive thinking and living. They want authoritarianism, it’s written all over GOP’s Master Plan 2025.

All that’s really left is watching it play out, trying to slow the degradation where we can and hanging on to one’s sanity best we can. Things are still amazingly good for many, I’m very impressed with the global resilience. But the battering ram wins in the end. We’ve squandered so, so, so many lucky breaks in our blindsided greed and party. While all the guide wires that hold together our global market based life styles keep being stressed to limits, then re-stressed, and so on.