Another one bites the dust. MAGA men & women facing the music

Oh wait a moment, yes, another one bites the dust,

Jenna Ellis, a member of Donald Trump‘s team of lawyers who helped challenge the results of the 2020 election, has taken a plea deal in Georgia.

Ellis on Tuesday pleaded guilty to one count of aiding and abetting false statements and writings in connection with the scheme to overturn President Joe Biden’s win. Ellis is the fourth of Trump’s 18 co-defendants to plead guilty, joining bail bondsman Scott Hall, coup plotter Ken Chesebro, and Trump election lawyer Sidney Powell.

Who’s next?

All the focus is on the coming elections. Trump is winning in key swing states such as Pennsylvania

You are simple. Or perhaps you only live in a vacuum.

But, okay, go with it.

Well that didn’t take long.

Oct 24, 2023 - ABC News

Former President Trump’s final ex-chief of staff granted immunity in special counsel’s election case in exchange for testifying before grand jury, according to sources.

Reality bites. Why is it so they ask. Because the hip pocket is really really hurting they say

Who is they?.. image

IMHO, such surveys are not an accurate account of reality.

Reality bites. Why is it so they ask. Because the hip pocket is really really hurting they say

Oh dear, another one that doesn’t know how to conduct a conversation, so I won’t even try to get your inside joke with yourself. Though perhaps I should share some of days profundities, go ahead and click:

Okay everyone join in

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Has it struck you yet how democrats claim to hate trump and everything that he stands for, yet give unqualified support to a white ethno-national fascist in israel?

Where are the other surveys?

Well Simple, why not clean up on fascism in our own country before it gets a firm foothold.

Obvious Israel does what it wants, I never voted for Netanyahu but if you hand me a recall petition, I’ll sign. Will the make you happy?

uSA gives 3.8 billion of US tax payer dollar to Israel every year and israel is allowed to do whatever it wants. For white supremacy ethno nationalists or not whether its home or abroad

Mike Johnson !! Come in spinner

USA gives 3.8 billion of US tax payer dollar to Israel every year

What an I supposed to do about it?
What are you doing about it?

Educate the uneducated and call your local representative out if he she supports this

Educate the uneducated

How do you, Mr/Mrs/Ms/None Simple, do that?

Can you provide an example?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Tell me what is wrong with educating people?

And how much does Iran give to Hamas and Hezbollah

Hamas leaders meet with Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad to plot ‘victory’ against Israel

‘Axis of Resistance’ vows to do everything in their power to ‘halt the brutal aggression’ against Gaza in response to attack by Hamas

By Timothy H.J. Nerozzi Fox News

Earlier this month, Hamas terrorists launched thousands of missiles at Israel and invaded towns along the Gaza border, killing at least 1,400 people and wounding thousands more. The actions from the Iran-backed group resulted in Israel declaring war.


Palestinian Hamas terrorists are seen during a military show in the Bani Suheila district on July 20, 2017, in Gaza City, Gaza. (Getty)

Hezbollah, which is armed with tens of thousands of rockets, has teased aggressions with Israel, even firing anti-tank missiles into northern Israel and targeting military outposts.

Hezbollah has lost approximately 40 combatants since they entered the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Hamas has fired thousands of rockets into Israel since launching its unprecedented assault on Oct. 7. Israel has responded in kind, destroying thousands of Hamas targets in Gaza with airstrikes.

Meet the new speaker of the house Mike Johnson

We’re in trouble. Canada or the U.K. is looking very good more and more every day. He obviously doesn’t like women or people who are not in line with his views. The good thing about immigrating to the U.K. or Canada is one can have duel citizenship, but at my age, I don’t know if I would change my mind.

One more thing, he is just praying for the family who lost family and friends to that AR15 mass shooter in Maine. Prayer always fails. Such a stupid man.

Back to MAGA man.

Then last night, an interesting new filing.

Case 1:23-cr-00257-TSC Document 120 Filed 10/25/23 Page 1 of 32

A Guide to the Various Trump Investigations

Confused about the inquiries and legal cases involving former President Donald Trump? We’re here to help.

Oct 26, 2023 - Michael Popok - Meidas Touch

The Department of Justice – in an explosive new filing – is calling Donald Trump a menace to society, and is demanding that a federal judge in DC not only reimpose her gag order on him, but also make as a condition of his release from custody that he no longer attack witnesses or face JAIL TIME. Michael Popok of Legal AF reports on the government’s efforts to convince Judge Chutkan, based on Trump’s conduct just this week, that Donald Trump should no longer be given the benefit of the doubt and needs to be re-gagged immediately and face the threat of jail time to stop him from attacking prosecutors and continuing his campaign of witness intimidation.

(page 5) … In the defendant’s view, for example, because he is entitled to say that “this prosecution is politically motivated,” it must also be acceptable for him to refer to the prosecutors as “deranged” “thugs,” and to use his social media account to identify members of the prosecutor’s family. Id. at 45-48. Because the defendant is entitled to raise “the issue of potential judicial bias,” he must also be free to post a photograph of a court staffer and falsely allege that she is the “girlfriend” of a political adversary. Id. at 51-53. Because the defendant is entitled to say that “misconduct by a joint chief of staff is intolerable in a democratic society,” he must also be free to post on social media that “in times gone by” the appropriate “punishment” for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff “would have been DEATH!” Id. at 56, 59-60. Because the defendant is entitled to “comment on Bill Barr’s activity as attorney general,” or discuss whether he “might have a position in a future administration,” he must also be free to call Barr “a slimy liar,” and to suggest that he, too, should be “executed.” Id. at 69-73. Defense counsel did not dispute that, when the defendant uses social media to target a perceived adversary in this manner, harassment, intimidation, and threats from third parties often follow. But he maintained (id. at 26, 60-61, 67-68) that, unless the defendant himself is delivering or inciting the threat, the Court was powerless to take prophylactic measures to prevent such harassment—and, in any event, some of the defendant’s targets were (page 6) “tough-edged political people,” id. at 74, who would not be deterred from testifying despite such intimidation and threats.

After hearing from the parties, …

(page 7) …Thus, the defendant “can certainly claim he’s being unfairly prosecuted” and “may still vigorously seek public support as a presidential candidate, debate policies and people related to that candidacy, criticize the current administration, and assert his belief that this prosecution is politically motivated.” Id. at 83-84. But, like every other criminal defendant, he does not have “carte blanche to vilify and implicitly encourage violence against public servants” and he may not “launch a pretrial smear campaign against participating government staff, their families, and foreseeable witnesses.” Id. at 84-85.
These narrow restrictions, the Court found, “are consistent with the rights secured by the First, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments, and . . . are both necessary and narrowly tailored to safeguard the integrity of these proceedings as well as to protect the safety of the people assisting with them.” Id. at 85. …

Some say, character is destiny, we shall see.