Schumer: GOP's Indulgence Of 'MAGA Republicans' Will Backfire

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about the way the Republican Party has embraced the “MAGA Republicans” of Donald Trump’s base and predicts and electoral backlash as traditional Republicans come to realize what has happened to their party.




Not to mention MAGA Republicans have come to hate our government and the US Constitution that was intend to created the basis for a government of Law, Checks and Balances in pursuit of growing Pluralistic Nation that would stand as a beacon for truth and freedom to the world,
if the US citizens have the decency to keep it.

Former DOJ prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, host of MSNBC’s “Way Too Early” Jonathan Lemire, and former FBI special agent Asha Rangappa, discuss the unprecedented move by the Justice Department to search former President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home

Who knows what will come of this, but here’s some more background.

What the F.B.I.’s Raid of Mar-a-Lago Could Mean for Trump

A former federal prosecutor and general counsel for the F.B.I. explains the process and implications of obtaining a search warrant on the home of a former President.

By Isaac Chotiner
What’s your biggest takeaway from Monday’s events?

The usual way to get documents from somebody you trust is to give them a subpoena. Almost any time that the government is trying to get documents from a corporation, they do it by issuing a subpoena, or even by informal request. With any normal civilian, you will issue a subpoena and the person will collect the documents and produce them.

You use a search warrant, and not a subpoena, when you don’t believe that the person is actually going to comply. For me, the biggest takeaway is that the Attorney General of the United States had to make the determination that it was appropriate in this situation to proceed by search warrant because they could not be confident that the former President of the United States would comply with a grand-jury subpoena.

When you say he wouldn’t comply, do you mean that he wouldn’t recognize the relevant legal authority? He would destroy documents? Both?

It could be both. But one way would simply be to lie and say that you produced everything. Another would be to assert the Fifth Amendment’s “act of production” privilege. That might be the most benign. It’s a part of the Fifth Amendment that says you don’t have to produce documents in your possession if the act of producing them would be incriminating.

So, for instance, there is a lot of speculation that this is about whether the former President has classified documents in his possession that he should not have. If he produced those pursuant to a subpoena, that would be incriminating himself, because it would show that he had them and knew where they were. The search warrant avoids all that. The F.B.I. just takes the documents, not asking the recipient to do anything.

Here’s some important background worth knowing.

Trump’s Raid Nightmare: The Feds Indicted The Powerful For Spilling State Secrets


In this “Beat” special report, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent, Ari Melber breaks down the federal raid on Trump’s home for classified documents and the DOJ history of prosecuting officials for spilling state secrets. Melber shows the viewer how the DOJ has proven willing to pursue, prosecute, indict and sometimes convict people who were recent colleagues atop government or in administrations in both parties.

I read yesterday about the raid and I was so amused by it. It’s about time a search be done on him. All it is, is more evidence, if they find any, for the crimes he’s committed. I’m just waiting for the day the creature goes to prison.

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I wonder what the secret service did in their duty to protect the President? Stand down???

Once again the Democrats are seen deeply reluctant in revealing to people the connection between Mar-a-lago and the raid that took place the other day or let alone the scale of this ongoing conspiracy. Their biggest concern is that the public under these convulsive circumstances would get a full picture of the political rot that the system has reached which would no doubt have detrimental effects on the interests of financial Oligarchy that continues to control both parties. Today we are witnessing a multi crisis situation developing in America, and for this reason the ruling classes are escalating their war efforts against China and Russia because they have no answer to the growing social and economical issues back home

I’m glad it was raided, because we will have more evidence of his crimes against the U.S. and btw, the dotard is no longer president. There was no reason to protect him against a court warranted search, especially since there is an investigation against him. He should be fully cooperating with the search warrant if he is innocent, which he is not.

The conspiracy was created by the dotard. He told thousands of lies while in office. Just check for one of many fact checks done on him. He also incited a riot, among other things. That’s the short list. What he did was bigger than Watergate.

Which the dotard contributed to and made worse. He supported the big corporations, not the common people, yet he said everything he did was the greatest thing since sliced bread. He actually made things a lot worse for the common people, but somehow his supporters didn’t and don’t see it.

Then again, you are obviously a dotard supporter, so there is no reason to explain this to you, because you won’t believe it.

How could anyone be that gullible to believe that 30-some FBI agents were mobilized to search Mar-a-Lago for an entire day just because Trump was in possession of a dozen boxes of White House papers that may include some classified material ?

Apparently, you haven’t been listening to the 1/6 Committee’s evidence they’ve been presenting. This is more than just the 30 agents. My question is and has been for a very long time, how can people be so gullible as to listen to that orange creature they believe is the saviour of the U.S.? Then again, how can they not see he’s violated the Constitution (guess they are uneducated), not see the crimes against humanity, his conspiracies, and how he has incited a riot in an attempt to the overthrow the U.S. government?

By failing to reveal the real motivations for the raid, the Biden administration is facilitating the cover-up of the January 6 insurrection.

The dotard is the subject of multiple investigations and yes, they did reveal the motivations for the raid. They even got a judge to approve the search. A judge won’t allow a search warrant unless there is something specifically being searched for.

This is what they were searching for:

More on what is happening, if anyone is interested.

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How can anyone be so gullible to believe the fiction promoted by the Democrats that with only a few exceptions (the “crazies”), the Republican Party opposed Trump’s Jan 6th plot.?

And how is it you know the real motivation?

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It was a legal search. They were informed. What news sources are you reading?

“Trump’s Mar-a-Lago searched by FBI in document investigation - CNNPolitics” Trump's Mar-a-Lago searched by FBI in document investigation - CNNPolitics

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They were there for a few hours, so what, it’s a big place, with lots of hidie holes.

You paint yourself a silly fool.
Those are National Secrets that Trump had no right holding on to, the man is a threat to National Security, why should law enforcement ignore it? They hauled out boxes worth of documents that have been catalogued - trump can produce the inventory and show us why it’s all baloney, but he just whines like the baby-man he is.

Rule of law means that criminals are held to account, even if they are a criminal that managed to brainwash half a nation. Wake up lad!

Though the investigation of Trump’s handling of presidential records has been percolating for months, it has largely remained in the background while the Jan. 6 select committee built a case that Trump committed crimes to disrupt the transition of power after his defeat in the 2020 election. The National Archives and Records Administration had confirmed in February that it had sought to recover 15 boxes of records from Mar-a-Lago that it deemed improperly removed, including some marked as “classified national security information.”

The Archives confirmed at the time that it had been in touch with the Justice Department about the recovered documents. At the time, the Archives said it had had “ongoing communications” with Trump’s team about recovering missing presidential records. …

He stonewalled too long, guess they got tired of worrying about trump the traitor selling US secrets to his dictator pals.

The raid may serve as grist for the mill for right-wing conspiracy theorists as Trump takes his 2024 campaign up a gear, but it also indicates that given the various lawsuits and investigations Trump is currently facing, it seems increasingly unlikely he will emerge unscathed.

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The U.S. can ask the same thing of dotard supporters. Obviously, you have not been watching what the 1/6 Committee has to say and the evidence they show. There’s enough there to throw your favourite orange creature in prison for the rest of his life.

That question makes no sense: “by the Democrats that with only a few exceptions (the “crazies”)”

And what’s it got to with trumps Jan 6th plot - although you might spare this thread and start a new thread where we can figure it out and then perhaps unpack your reasoning, and assess your facts. You do have facts to bring to the discussion? No?

No, I just merged the threads because they are about the same topic. He cannot start another one just like it.

That would be awesome. I don’t like my choices when I vote, but it’s better than most countries. I can work for justice and speak up. And when I do, I use facts

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Yes I saw that. I mentioned starting another thread since I figured he was trying to say something about Jan 6th, and this thread ought to stick with the raid and the stolen national secrets, since it’s a developing story with much more to follow.

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A look at the character of the Donald da trump:

White House records

US Capitol riot

Election interference

Financial affairs

Sexual misconduct

That must be everything, right?

Not quite. A long list of other investigations and potential lawsuits includes:

• The Washington DC attorney general’s criminal investigation into the 6 January attack. Last year, he said Mr Trump could possibly be charged for encouraging the violence but no action has been taken

• Various lawsuits by police officers who have accused Mr Trump of inciting the 6 January attack in which they suffered injuries

• A lawsuit by Mr Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, who says her uncle and his siblings allegedly cheated her out of inheritance. Mr Trump has sought to dismiss the lawsuit, which was filed in a state court in New York City

• A lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court by Mr Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who alleges his old boss sent him back to prison in retaliation for writing a tell-all memoir

Trump Compromising Classified Material Follow(s) Familiar Pattern

Ali Velshi looks back at some of the most significant alarming moments during Donald Trump’s tenure when he appeared heedless of classified material or national security information.