GOP Chair Vickie Tonkins, El Paso County, CO want's private GOP Army

It’s ain’t over by a long shot. Hopefully Democrats are on the way to waking up, getting informed, and standing up to the delusional totalitarian wing of the Republican Party.


Just when we thought normalcy is returning to US politics, the Colorado GOP once again demonstrated that they are not dealing in reality. In a move that sounded alarm bells all across Colorado, Chairwoman Vickie Tonkins, the El Paso County GOP Chair seeking reelection this Saturday, signaled her support for the United American Defense Force, a right-wing militia. Chairwoman Tonkins intends to use the militia to provide security for this Saturday’s GOP meeting as Republican voters seek to elect party officials.

Not only does the move instill fear in the hearts of Coloradans everywhere, it also threatens employment prospects for law-abiding security personnel, and creates a publicity stunt for the United American Defense Force. It is imperative that we prevent right wing militias from further damaging our democracy. Just their very presence at rallies and town hall meetings heightens the chances of violence and sets a dangerous precedent for future GOP events.

The move by Tonkins left the CO GOP fractured and caused fierce debate within the GOP’s most heavily populated Republican county. Colorado reporters were swift in their repudiation of the move. Many are now left wondering - what will the CO GOP do next? …

A bit of background,

Tensions Build In El Paso County GOP Over Leadership Election

By Bente Birkeland
February 3, 2021

As Colorado’s Republican Party struggles to find its footing after major losses in the last two election cycles, the volatile election for party chair in one of its traditional strongholds shows how deep the divides have become.

Controversy erupted over a tentative agenda for Saturday’s El Paso County GOP meeting, which listed the United American Defense Force as providing security. UADF describes itself internally as an “unorganized constitutional militia” and its parent organization backs the county’s embattled current chair, Vickie Tonkins, who will be up for reelection at the meeting.

UADF’s leader, John ‘Tig’ Tiegen told Colorado Politics his organization had no involvement in the Saturday meeting and was unaware it had been proposed for security until a news story in the Colorado Springs Independent Monday night.

Earlier in the week, CPR spoke with a number of El Paso County Republicans who said they were concerned the Tonkins would try to use the militia for security; they feared it could escalate tensions and intimidate attendees, especially those who don’t plan to vote for Tonkins. …

Hell’s Angels security at Altamont … What could go wrong?


UADF describes itself internally as an “unorganized constitutional militia” and its parent organization

United, but unorganized, with a parent organization. I suspect the “unorganized constitutional militia” phrase is some legaleeze for protection.


? What could go wrong. Indeed.


unorganized constitutional organization
Is that what they call an oxymoron?

Or is it just a right wing moron.