GOP Laboratories of Election Denial - Greg Lopez has a plan

Under Colorado gubernatorial candidate Greg Lopez’s proposal, the 2018 gubernatorial race would have been a runaway win for Republicans, who lost the actual race by double-digits.

And of course finance reform, no campaign donation limits, helps with the mass media brainwashing campaigns.

Two Republican candidates have filed a federal lawsuit seeking to unwind Colorado’s 20-year-old campaign donation limits.

Greg Lopez, who is running for governor, and state Rep. Rod Pelton, of Cheyenne Wells, who is running for state Senate, along with former Colorado Republican Party Chairman Steve House are plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the Secretary of State’s Office. They are backed in the case by lawyers for two conservative nonprofits. …

Nearly 67% of Colorado voters approved Initiative 27 in 2002, which limited how much money individual donors could give to campaigns with increases allowed for inflation.

Oh yeah, but republican couldn’t give a fart about voters interests or need - Nah, in the GOPO universe, we the voters are pawns to be played like Patsies.