GOP candidate runs with anti-Trump message in Texas - the eye is on Michael Wood

Meanwhile, over in Texas there’s an interesting race going on.

We shall see.

A special election in Texas' 6th district could be a test for the future of the Republican party, where Republican Michael Wood is running on an anti-Trump message.



“MAGA”, code word for Suprematism mindset -


What we gonna see Cc? Honestly what is the point of this post? There is zero chance of him winning and in keeping with your other superficial posts, void of any discussion on why the media considers him as anti trump

@johncitizen1 That is enough. In just that one post you violated 3e and 3f trolling and taunting, as well as 4b- antagonistic. Next warning you will be banned, whether it is by @lausten or me. I suggest you read the rules and follow them if you do not want to be banned.

johncitizen1, what have you offered?

So good at pointing fingers.


I heard about the guy and thought it was interesting not every Republican has swallowed the KoolAid.


John, why does mentioning the Texan Republican Michael Wood’s name upset you?!?

Or perhaps it runs agains your totalitarian instincts, the one’s dictate that you can never ever acknowledge a mistake, show interest in learning, or acknowledge that trumpster thinking is rejected by many serious conservatives?

No such luck:

Susan Wright, the widow of the late congressman, and fellow Republican Jake Ellzey are running first and second in the all-party special House election in Texas, which would lock Democrats out of the runoff and end their most promising chance to expand their House majority this year.

Susan Wright won a last-minute endorsement from Trump this week, a boost in a close race,

Other notable candidates in the race finished far back in the pack, including pro wrestler Dan Rodimer, who ran for Congress in Nevada in 2020; former Trump official Sery Kim, who lost endorsements after making disparaging comments about Chinese immigrants; and Michael Wood, who ran as an anti-Trump Republican with the support of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.). Wood and Rodimer had about 3 percent of the vote apiece, while Kim had 1 percent.


Results breakdown


U.S. Representative District 6
100% reporting

Susan Wright

Jake Ellzey

Jana Sanchez

Brian Harrison

Shawn Lassiter

John Castro

Tammy Allison

Lydia Bean

Michael Wood

Michael Ballantine

Dan Rodimer

Daryl Eddings

Mike Egan

Patrick Moses

Manuel Salazar

Sery Kim

Travis Rodermund

Adrian Mizher

Brian Stephenson

Phil Gray

Matt Hinterlong

Jenny Sharon

Chris Suprun


Hey CC, I’m too busy to deal with JC1. What is this “breakdown”?

I don’t expect Mr. Citizen to change his tune. He never seemed like a completely real person to me anyway.

michael wood is a self declared ronald raygun devotee and happy to admit biden won the election but very comfortable in advancing voter suppression tactics moving forward to the next election.

3%, that means 97% of the GOP in that part of Texas, love their KoolAid, or what?

Thanks, for the details on Mike, yeah what a world we’ve devolved into when a Reagan acolyte can looks like a good guy from a distance. ?.

Guess, I won’t have to shed any tears over his crash and burn. Though it’s still interesting to watch and put a finger on the pulse. Terrifying but we’re living the times, the best is yet to come. That’s were I find my consolation, thanks be I’m almost 66 and had the good years, so there you silly character.


https: //www. cnn. com/2021/05/03/politics/michael-wood-texas-6th-district-susan-wright/index.html

A GOP candidate ran on an anti-Trump platform. He won just 3% of the vote.

Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large

Updated 9:55 AM ET, Mon May 3, 2021

Susan Wright (R) and Jake Ellzey (R) advanced to a runoff from a 23-candidate field in the special election to fill the vacancy in Texas’ 6th Congressional District on May 1, 2021.[2] Since both candidates in the runoff are Republicans, the seat will not change party hands as a result of this election. As of May 2, 2021, state officials had not yet announced a runoff date.

Wright received 19.2 percent of the vote while Ellzey received 13.8 percent of the vote. The two other candidates to receive at least 10 percent were Jana Lynne Sanchez (D) with 13.4 percent and Brian Harrison (R) with 10.8 percent. Sanchez fell 354 votes short of the runoff based on unofficial results.

The previous incumbent, Ronald Wright (R), died from COVID-19 related complications on February 7, 2021. Susan Wright is Ronald Wright’s widow. Former President Donald Trump (R) endorsed her on April 26.[3]

Your presentation of .Michael Wood in this piece was framed very much as an alternative to Trump. Poor on your part.

Nah, don’t let your imagination run away. It was just a rare instance of a Republican who hadn’t been swamped by trumpkins poison kool-aid.

Oh and I saw earlier that I misread, and you misstated, Woods wasn’t a Reaguns fan.


Now Liz Cheney, I despise her politics, but she there’s a healthy viable alternative to trump.

I know, you’ll remind me, Republicans are about to kick her out of their party (small p), although looks like things could get ugly within the Party, now that trump’s shown himself to be too stupid to endorse an intelligent choice and instead reaches for a transparent crawler up his dark tunnel, that very hot, Rep. Elise Stefanik.

It’ll be another too interesting week in Washington.

ALAN FRAM Associated Press Published: 7:39 PM

Trump-Endorsed Replacement for Liz Cheney Irks Some Conservatives

Hard-right conservatives have expressed concerns about the moderate voting record of Rep. Elise Stefanik, a one-time Trump critic turned strident ally.



just say’n

In Turning on Liz Cheney, G.O.P. Bows to Trump’s Election Lies

By Nicholas Fandos and Catie Edmondson, May 7th.

… Ms. Cheney, 54, is a conservative who rarely defected from Mr. Trump’s policy positions in Congress, but she has refused to absolve him or the party of their roles in fomenting the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol with groundless claims of fraud in the 2020 election. Ms. Stefanik, 36, is more moderate and has more often parted ways with Republicans over her years in Congress, but she has emerged recently as one of Mr. Trump’s most vociferous defenders, willing to indulge and even amplify those claims.

After days of quiet discussions about ousting Ms. Cheney, the effort erupted into open Republican warfare on Wednesday morning. Party leaders and Mr. Trump himself publicly boosted Ms. Stefanik, both women issued defiant statements about their intentions and dueling factions in the party competed to frame an episode with broad implications for the 2022 midterm elections and beyond.

By day’s end, even President Biden had weighed in on what he called a “mini-rebellion” in the Republican ranks, arguing that the party was plagued by an inability to define itself.

The turmoil illustrated how heavily Mr. Trump still looms over the Republican Party, where a pilgrimage to pay homage to the former president at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Fla., has become a required stop for elected leaders and efforts to restrict voting — in the name of his claims of a stolen election — are proliferating around the country. …

The feckless Democrats refuse to engage the working class to rise up and stop this from happening.

The feckless Democrats refuse to engage the working class to rise up and stop this from happening.
They have, and did it by legal means, by popular vote.

As a result every Republican state has made it more difficult for the working class to vote, in spite of the US Constitution mandate of the Right to Vote.

We are talking about now. Action today to counter this. No call by the Dems on the working class to take direct action to stop this

Action today to counter this.
Today, there Democrats who are helping people get registered to vote. That and a hundred other small actions are what changes the world. Stacey Abrams was able to change Georgia because of decades of small changes.

Not sure what you mean by “action”, should they storm the capital? Republicans want it both ways; they want to call Senators to the carpet because they speak up for drug addict who gets killed by a cop, or because they use the word ‘fight’ in a speech at a rally, AND, they want to say the Democrats aren’t doing anything.

Action - organise, occupy, strike, educate, civil disobedience etc

Okay John. I guess we watch different news sources

Good luck prosecuting your case through right wing courts

Good luck prosecuting your case through right wing courts
I think so far the courts have done an admirable job of deciding in favor of existing law.. Every voting challenge (except one) has been dismissed on simple legal premise of insufficient evidence. What more do you want a court to do?