Hey, but on the bright side we have music - Luna Lee

I found this a surprisingly sweet version of the Dire Straits, Sultans of Swing,

by Luna Lee on a Gayageum (a traditional Korean zither-like string instrument with twelve strings made of silk thread):


Luna playing Pink Floyd , Money

Takes a little while to get used to it, then it gets very pretty awesome.



Luna did a good job with Black Sabbath-Paranoid (on Gayageum), too. It’ll be fun to see where she goes with this. In particular if she finds some friends to collaborate with. Though her overdubbing is cool, especially the way she cuts them into the video. Being a non musician I’m always blown away by that lithe finger action.

Little B even likes it. Poor guy gets to listen to mainly sports programming, the up side of that is that I’m the one to introduce him to music and a little dancing when the mood strikes us and when everyone else is out of the house. Cool times, he’s been like a little life-preserver for my spirit, though at the other end I imagine there’s going to be a lot of heart break, so it is in these times of humanity’s final follies. But today is ours, and tomorrow will be what it is, at least he’ll have the hidden memories/feelings in his heart and reflecting in his essence.

Thanks for the Luna link. I spent all afternoon working to her versions of all sorts of older songs.

The one that shocked me the most was Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot. How cool is it to hear her play one of the songs I used to listen to while driving tractor out in the field? I mean, that’s ancient CanCon (the Canadian Content that Radio and Television stations had to play, as determined by the CRTC.) that is rarely heard nowadays.

Gordon is a Canadian icon and it’s nice to hear he’s still appreciated so far from home after all these years.

This is good:


Ever heard a master overtone singer?