Fuzzy Hello

Hi, I’m a middle aged man recovering from the effects of some less than pleasant events of childhood and the acute PTSD that they caused.
The world doesn’t always make much sense to me, and I’m coming to realize I’m not alone in that boat. I have some background in science and have dabbled in religion, but I’m finding the skeptical approach to the world fits best with me, “when in doubt ask why” seems like a pretty good principle and I wish more people would use it rather than sticking to, “because” as a philosophy.
I hope I can add something to the discussions going on here and apply a little of my fuzzy logic.
Thanks, Doug

welcome Doug; don’t be afraid to jump right in.

I’ll add my welcome too, Doug. Jump in and enjoy the conversations.

I’m just getting a feel for the forum right now, but it seems to have a lot of interesting discussions going on.

Welcome to the forums Fuzzy Logic! Please stick around and participate in the conversations.
Take care,