Free Thinker from the Middle East

I am Sam
And that’s it for now I can’t say my full name or my last name because otherwise my life could be in danger.
As someone who was born a christian in a Muslim country with Muslims friends and society all around me, which had a big influence on me to “think outside the box” sort of speak. and always try to get a different perspective than the one i hold true and logical to myself I was forced to take into consideration the fact that I could be wrong as a christian, me being a minority I always had to assume that the majority might be right, and that me being a minority in this oppressed society for both religions, I had to hope that life could be different if I belonged to the majority.
Off course at that time (in my late teens ~ early twenties) I never thought that both sides can be wrong, or that there is even another option for people who thinks differently,
that idea seemed alien to me, all my thinking was that either sides of this coin must hold the answers to my questions and guide me threw my life in the way I dreamt it could be.
Since this is just an introduction ill try to keep a long story as short as I can, after I’ve been threatened under gun point, tortured and beaten and… a lot of other hideous acts i faced that I’d rather spare any reader the details of; Me becoming an Atheist seemed like the only sane and logical course for me. After dwelling in almost all of the details and basis and requirements of every one of those religions, And seeing the faults and inconsistencies and awful teachings they could bring to a brainwashed society Along with the good morals that it may present off course. My common sense couldn’t accept the fact that these religions/books and teachings can come from a supreme being as they claim to be. In order for ME, a simple human being with faults and limits to my IQ and brain to be able to point out those faults and illogical arguments and very obvious faults in those teachings could only mean that these books can only be made by another human like me, and that haunted me and made me feel alienated in my society, and me very innocently trying to express those thoughts for people whom I considered friends or even family basically people from the society which I live within. It got me in a very very difficult and dangerous situations along the way with so many different people no matter how religious or radical they are. the reaction is always the same which is NOBODY should dare and “think” that way which all of the time led to me being the one who’s immoral, illogical and so very unaccepted for anybody around me.
the internal struggle lasted for years. the struggle to who i really am and how i really think and my common sense and logic between the person who i want to be and the society i belong to and how to be accepted just as a free thinker who holds different opinions and views on the matter not even a different belief. and in that struggle I realized thanks to a lot of Idols in the free world like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Neil Degrasse Tyson and many many others who tickled my scientific curiosity along side my free thinking and being who you are no matter what others think or tell you to be.
I became interested in Science and started to go deeper into STEM subjects to look for the answers of the most basic questions of our existence which the religions and society around me failed miserably to answer. Questions like how did we get here? and what is our purpose on this planet? along side many other very important questions that im certain every human being no matter where he/she is or his/her race or religion or ethnicity, no matter what those are, we will all ask ourselves at some point these important questions. And what I learned is. Questions as big as those and as important, cannot be answered by someone else. Only you and you alone can find the answers to those questions. because religions will claim to have the answers and all of the answers as will do Science (Although science will never claim to have ALL the answers) and in some part of the world even governments will tell you “here is your answers” and if you accept them then you’re denying your existence as a free thinking human being instead of you actually going out there and start looking for the answers on your own. and in this day and age I sincerely blame anyone who simply has access to the internet who would still accept answers for his/her reality from anybody else other than yourself.
So thats my little BIO I never thought I’d have anybody to talk to about my struggle as a man living here to anybody, the Idea of free speech for me is just a dream its not even a goal or something I can work towards its just an idea of me being able to express my opinion freely and talk about anything I want openly with anybody seemed like something i can only dream about. something you see in movies or on YouTube where people exchange ideas freely and even make jokes and satire about their situation and about other people who holds different political views than them. The concept seems a bit unreal to me. So I thought maybe i’ll start here with a simple forum discussion or a blog or something similar which can be some sort of a vent for me to express my thoughts freely and then who knows what might happen.
I have learned that dreams can come true.
I welcome anybody who agrees or disagrees with me to ask me anything and I realize me being an Arab Atheist might give people curiosity on so many issues about the situation in the middle east or about religions and being an Arab Atheist I might give you answers from my own personal experience could be different from what you hear on your news networks with all the Islamophobia and the Islam apologists over there who lives in a free society and denying people like from actualy being heard by simply denying the truth.
And I’m looking forward to give people like me a voice, maybe threw CFI someday I can.

I’ll try to find some time for your long post, but welcome.
We have some new members and things are getting lively. Often times new people get tired and move on. Hope things work for you while you’re here.

Thank you for asking I’m doing fine I hope you’re doing alright as well, and from the little browsing I made on this website I’m Optimistic about being able to learn new things with some open minded people.
I’ve seen a little bit of hate here and there but then again nothing far from an intellectual exchange of opposite ideas.
Nice of you to reply :stuck_out_tongue:

The only other Arab atheist I’ve met in my life was in college (in the USA), a Palestinian guy who’d grown up in a strict, conservative Muslim family in Kuwait.
I sincerely admire the courage of your convictions in leaving one hated minority to identify with an even more hated minority. Welcome to the forum. I look forward to hearing your perspective on these issues, and I wish you the best.