Fox News attack on public health -J.D.Roberts, malicious fraud in action.

This isn’t actually about John David Roberts (another one of Rupert Murdoch’s legions of, Billionaire’s Attack Dogs), it’s about something that turned him into another cog in a machine.

Brian Tyler Cohen, uses a Jen Psaki’s (White House Press Secretary) response to John David Roberts’ typically combative and leading question, to look at how Fox massages and spreads utterly false and danger lies. He also shines a light on the hypocrisy of these Fox network talking heads, between the talk they talk and the walk they walk.

Roberts was worth mentioning by name because he’s such a pro at asking questions that are more statements intended for his captive sheltered audience at home, than any actual question. He also displays a pre-emptive dismissiveness to the answers he receives. So typical of that FOX driven, right wing attitude. That is, absolute self-certainty and a proud utter contempt for opponents and their experiences and knowledge, let alone their humanity. On top of that, there’s an undercurrent of complete contempt for truth and honestly reporting facts. (Seems to me, they still behave and think like those colonial overlords during the age of expansion.)

Fox News, many would say Faux News, is a script run operation.

There’s a segment in here that demonstrates how Fox News stories are scripted from on high and then disseminated through the ranks. This ain’t news, it’s more akin to professional wrestling, it’s not about reporting on what’s happening, or educating, or improving.

Fox News is the cynical brainchild of a Uber-wealthly megalomaniac, Murdoch, and a group of powerful and richer than god individuals, but it wasn’t enough, they wanted to own the world. They needed an mega brainwashing machine and they created one. Supported and fed by the likes of the Koch brothers with their out and out war against constructively and honestly learning about our life sustaining planet Earth. Complete disregard was their constant drum beat, ME FIRST, ME FIRST, god bless American and me first if you please.

The one thing they can not allow themselves to do is actually listen to answers and evidence.

That’s been the case for decades.

They won. Look to the weather news to see the fruits of their assiduous and successful labors.

Reaping the reward, but the reward turns to dust and all is lost. Like human history’s countless cautionary tales, that went unheeded time after time after time.

I was to experience a very short window somewhere in the 60s,70s, but for every step forward, but then, there seemed to be two steps back,.