Oh lordie, so what about this D.J.Grothe?

Well that was some shit news to darken the rest of my day.
But, I dropped in to share a dilemma,
and since some of you have kept up on these various dramas that have been going within the skeptical community,
maybe someone can offer advice.
I started a new book Massimo Pigliucci - Nonsense on Stilts - very impressive and valuable for where I’m going.
Then I broke off to gather a little more background on Massimo Pigliucci, which brought me to a good interview at PointOfInquiry
and then an interview by D.J.Grothe at “ForGoodReason” - which took me down another
tangent, since it fits right into my continuing critique of one Jim Steele’s smoke’n mirrors act dedicated to denying the
seriousness of our manmade global warming situation. I’ve decided that before I posted more (at WUWTW) I want to
post exerts from this interview outlining key points. The title of my intended post will be “Considering the demarcation
between valid science and bunk”.
I went with transcribing the DJG interview since it was posted at YouTube and has a computer generated “transcript”
although if you ever try reading one you’ll realize half of it is screwed up - but it’s better than my old method of transcribing
from scratch, not easy for my lil gray cells. OK long story short, after investing a good many hours, I’m close to finishing my first draft
and decided to look up D.J.Grothe, since I like linking my sources - so anyone with the interest has easy access to further information
{Hell that’s one of the main things I like about computer information, hot links that take you to new worlds in a key stroke.}
And what do I find, well one weirdness after another, then the fourth page I opened
Yea, yea, sure, sure I don’t have all the information, but, give me a break -
every indication is he’s another douche bag I’d like to bitch slap up one side and down the other -
because of the harm their arrogance and stupidity and disregard for others does to vitally important causes they are associated with.
But the pig still gave a good interview, Massimo’s answers are worth trying to share with others and I’ve spent a lot of time putting it together.
~ ~ ~
OK, ok writing this has helped me blow off steam.
No need to trash the whole project, guess I’ll replace “D.J.Grothe” with “FGR” (ForGoodReason.org) and ignore the interviewer.
But still it’s tainted goods and yet more evidence that hopelessness is the only logical reaction to contemporary humanity.
Fortunately, I know that in the end, I’m in control. Life means as much; or as little, as I choose for myself.
Fortunately, all my determining factors have filled me with a love, nay passion for experiencing this wonderful world
that surrounds me during my few moments of existence. {thank providence I’m turning 60 and not 16 :down: }
and an oh so frustrated, feeble desire to share some of that hope and wonder with others.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Don’t suppose there are transcripts of PointOfInquiry interviews?
If anyone has any tempering thoughts to share about DJG, please do.

I read about that when it was going down. I’m very disappointed in Grothe, Shermer and a few others.

And we are surprised that the theists are ‘winning’. :-p
Take care,