Found this strange puzzle: anybody got info?

Found this on a website called myfriendsarereal, anybody got any info?

If you haven’t heard of us before we are a secret organization recruiting only the best people available. What we are doing now is giving clues to where you can find other members of our organization.

To find our members you must solve certain puzzles. In the past these puzzles where designed to bring out the best computer people in the world. Those with logical minds that are extremely creative and intelligence.

However our goals are still the same but we are more interested in people who are creative, intelligence and are highly motivated to find the truth.
We have grown to become an extremely large organization now and are looking to expand. We feel whom ever can find our members are worthy to join. Once you join we will train you. Our goals are to change the world into a free society where freedom and privacy is sacred. Robots are the speed to the future. Remember everything is a deception. ( Find the Tesla) Link to the next level Key word Bowling alleys to main page. To get out of page or website.

New website
Once you find the Tesla and click on the picture you get this statement
Remember everything is not what it appears to be.

The way to solve this puzzle is to solve an equation to get the answer. The answer to this equation however is not the real solution but will allow you to move forward). Most people like to work 9 to 5 but our game is never done that way…

To join our group you need to realize that everything is a deception and once you realize that we are not alone in this world the game changes dramatically and everything is now possible. However to solve our codes you have to release your fears and everything that you have learned in life up to this point is a deception because nothing is ever consistent nor what it seems to be. Bats are the key to this solution.(click on the bats are the key to this solution) Takes you back to main page of website) Click on the bat in about us. Once you do that it goes to a new site or page

To win the first part of this game three strikes and you are not out. Twelve strikes and it is extra innings. You have to learn to take things very sparingly in the sport of live. (myfriendsarereal) The nine ball is the key to this game and there are four games to each side at this place. Gambling is not an issue even though there are six slots here. No drinking is allowed even though you can step up to the bar and once you have 32 drinks you are asked to leave. It’s a place that everyone loves playing but no one understands how things react to each other. Once you find that individual you must answer the code to get in. It takes more than finding the answer through this puzzle. You have to understand that individual as well and he will understand that you got the solution by the way you proceed and act towards him or them. There will be no doubt no guessing when you find a member it will be obvious and clear. Everything reacts with each other and that is where you can find me. To find the location click on the phrase to go to the next level.

Then the next clue is the two paragraphs together and you have to respond with the question where are the 32 bowling lanes to get the address to the next stage. I still haven’t figured out how to steer them to my locker.

If you find the key to this riddle you have 12 chances to find the name Aaron. To find the place you need to find the address to proceed. The second stage of the game will be at that location. The best places to search are three letters that no one wishes to be running from. Good luck no one likes to be robbed.
To move forward you must find the secret words to this puzzle and through the puzzle will lead you to the link to find one part of our organization keep in mind that every thing in live is a deception and once you realize that the phone number will become clear. Good luck we hope to see you soon.
We are giving you this equation as proof that we are indeed Cicada you know the principle involved with the name Aaron related to the equation good luck.


Find the key words on our site to find the next level. There are two links to our next level using our main site. For the second link use the equation above. Keep in mind that everything could be a deception however when you arrive at the solution there can be no deception. That is the game of life that no one can win.

Hey, I’m the best people! I’m going to jump through hoops to prove to you that I’m worthy to join your secret club…or maybe I’ll just surf for some porn…

This is some stealthy spam, but I leave a few like this alone because they might be interesting to someone. A friend of mine downloaded The Blair Witch Project movie before it was well known that was their advertising campaign. The movie 2012 put out puzzles to solve as if they were coming from a end-of-the-world conspiracy website. I’d hate for anyone to miss out on the fun.

I don’t generally respond well to any advertising except comedic advertising. If you want me to watch a commercial and not hate you for having suffered through it then you have to make it entertaining.

I figured this was some type of scammy post. I just didn’t bother to read it all to figure out what type. I was pretty sure it was either that or some weird nerd cult recruiting people to plot with them to do some great thing which none of them ever actually get the ambition to do more than talk about.

Maybe Xain would like this site.