Everything, everywhere

Pretty much all the problems of the world intersect with this story, from Fox News to conspiracy theories to child abuse.

I used to love seeing young people getting involved in issues and standing up for themselves. Now, I would discourage it. It’s too easy to get manipulated by misinformation. Better to find a place to practice dialog, not debate, and wait a few years before taking a strong stand on anything. There are very few topics that are not controversial. Like, you’d think something like “don’t give guns to crazy people” would be an easy one, but no.

Here, the kid abuses the concept of free speech, doesn’t show any interest in science or law, makes wild claims about other kids “acting out” and going unpunished, and is told he is not in trouble but he turns into a persecution. I could play “Find the Fallacy” all day, but, what’s the point?

When the internet was young, young men were doing this kind of arguing, and it seemed like just one of those things young men do. Now, it’s taught and weaponized, by the young men who got older, but didn’t learn much.