ERA at last?

NOW Virginia could now ratify the ERA. If/when they do, that makes 38 states (enough) BUT! the time limit ran out. A court might could decide that there isn’t a time limit, OR Congress could extend the time limit (Not likely with this Congress tho if we took the Senate in 2020…). And then a few of the ratifying states have withdrawn their ratification. That would need to be dealt with in court.

But, at least it is possible that the Equal Rights Amendment for those pesky females might not be so terribly far away.

Man! I hope it happens in RBG’s lifetime. She deserves to see it.

dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer.

Why the hell is this still a thing in the 20th century? Who, in this day and age, votes for people who say, “Enshrining the rights of women in the Constitution as more than surrogates for the men who own them? Not on MY watch!”???


Or perhaps you prefer the original story, where we learn that the quest goes on regardless of its being “possible”.


Ultimately, I think, it will be up to women as to whether the ERA comes to be. Seems that a lot of women will still go against it. Perhaps other women don’t care or don’t think it is necessary. So far it’s just 3 guys who have even commented on it’s renewed chances.

Tee, Do you have any thoughts about why woman would be against the E.R.A.