Electricity using low grade heat

I am an Indian physics graduate and done some research on personal effort regarding using venturi effect for power generation. The technology I invented is a combination of a market available blower and a new kind of turbine. The turbine has already been built and tested. A 1 meter diameter turbine can generate 3 kW output at 8 m/s wind velocity. While a market available 1 meter diameter and 50% efficient blower can generate 8 m/s airflow at the expense of just 500 W.

I am now looking for collaboration with a company/startup to develop the technology further. If anybody can help me, kindly inbox me.


I doubt you’ll find anything here. We’re just a few old people waiting for someone to start a discussion.

You might want to start by doing some homework, these might give you some ideas. I’ve added spaces to the links, delete the spaces and link will work fine. Good luck.



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