FREE ENERGY is so super simple

FREE ENERGY is so super simple, that there simply MUST be something or someone,(evil forces) hiding it from the public eyes. Yes, there are in reality, two parts to this subject: (1) - how super simple this technology really is + (2) - how evil forces have an immensely powerful hold on this technology. First I will prove to you just how super simple this technology is, + second how powerful of a hold that Satan + his followers must have on our modern society, to be able to keep this technology hidden.
It only take one spark of DC electricity, to rotate a DC motor once, with a 100cm circumference pulley attached, giving you 100cm of moving belt, strap, rope. Then if you run this moving belt through 1 to 10 mini-pulleys of one centimeter circumference, you would get an output of 100 to 1000 cycles of AC electricity. There is no torque resistance from the mini-pulleys, as there is no current involved, or practically none, considering that to make this mechanism a self powered mechanism, you only need one spark of DC output to be sent back into the DC drive motor. These AC generators are just winding up massive voltages, which is all that you need to turn over your drive motor one single time.
This FREE ENERGY mechanism is in need of one more very important component, a full wave bridge rectifiers, to convert your AC output generators into DC electricity, which is needed by your drive motor. I state them as plural, just in case you have plural mini-pulleys, which would increase your total ability to tap power off of, both your AC or DC motor/generators. Once started running, (easily achieved by giving your large pulley with the DC drive motor a quarter turn by hand) this AC + DC power supply should be a perpetually running mechanism.(until the bearings dry out or some other mechanical break down)
Now you should be able to tap AC or DC electricity off either motor, or maybe even both. If you find that you cannot get much current out of either of the motors that you are tapping off of, then all you need to do is add more of your mini-pulleys with the AC generators attached. Diagrams can be viewed at
free energy
This works by using, one spark of DC electricity is all that is needed to start this mechanism running = DC motor with large 100cm circumference pulley turning only one single time. The 100cm of belt is then run past mini-pulleys of one centimeter circumference, gaining 100 units of AC electricity. The pulley combinations multiply you total # of rotations, which when AC generators are added, becomes AC electricity.
I was wondering how the “even at the door” was worded in the original Greek, as maybe it was telling us that we could know how near His Return was, as in, we could be counting down the days until. We are assured that He will return within the last generation, which I believe is our generation, which started when Israel took back Jerusalem in 1967.5. I believe this because Jerusalem was part of the 70 X 7s that is a prophecy about the Jewish people. This and many other things, like the reforming of Europe as a nation, man on the moon, awesome weapons that can melt a mans tongue while he stands on his feet = A + H bombs, makes me sure that we are the last generation. I thought that it would be some powerful testimony + hope, if we could guarantee that we would be out of this Satan run world before 2020 = 2019.1. It could also be a sign to those unsaved, if we could show how our Bible guarantees us that the final 7 years MUST start by 2019.1, as in the peace treaty will be signed by or before this door closes. This little bit of important info might help other Tribulation Saints become believers, after the rapture, or if you don’t believe in the pre-trib rapture, at least the fact that the peace treaty will be signed by or before then. I know that there are many durations for a generation, but this one uses the bloodline of Christ, and was also used to accurately predict when Israel would be reborn, right down to the exact day even. = 51.6 + 1967.5 = 2019.1 as when the door shuts, which we are told that we are allowed to know.
My Father has Given me great Insight + many Visions
how can people in our Christian Bible times not taste death
until they see Christ Coming in His Kingdom, (Mat 16:28)
unless they choose to live another life in a body
instead of taking the “to die is gain” option
getting to rest till the end time
I get this from dying twice in an automobile accident
Being in Paradise and yet choosing to return both times

Creation was about 6000 years ago,
He States obvious Proof is on His Creation Hourglass =(moon)
why is there only a minisquel amout of space dust =(sands of time) on our moon
if billions + millions of years took place in our universe
don’t you believe that there was probably more dust around back then

I beg you fellow CFI forum members, do not engage this troll. We’re getting way too many of these idiots lately and should direct our time and energy to productive discussions.

I beg you fellow CFI forum members, do not engage this troll. We're getting way too many of these idiots lately and should direct our time and energy to productive discussions.
Yep, a religious posterbator, who likes to posterbate in public.

I’ll bet he has a perpetual motion machine, too, and just needs funding.

The religious nuts here and everywhere are a dime a dozen.

The religious nuts here and everywhere are a dime a dozen.
This one is in the clearance bin.

You can seemingly defeat the laws of thermodynamics,
By using the physical capabilities of rotating
one large circumference pulley
To gain massive lengths of belt from a large circumference pulley

  • then running that massive length through many mini-pulleys
    Thereby you are multiplying your rotations
    = multiplying AC electricity
    free energy
    One spark of DC electricity is all that is needed to start this mechanism running = DC motor with large pulley turning once + you can get 1000’s AC cycles by using many mini-pulleys
    with attached generators
    J D - what if the 10 pcs AC output voltage are loaded with bulbs?
    J D - i guess the torque is a problem if it is loaded…
    Joe Lynch so, you are saying that it will run perpetually,
    until you put an outside load on it?
    J L - this is True Free Energy from GOD=(Ezek 1:16)
    J R - Joe Lynch, The laws of thermodynamics are not God’s laws. I really like what you say… I have recently received a lot of “revelation” on this energy thing and I am finding out that there is free energy “EVERYWHERE” and in everything. It is…See More
    J L - you burn one spark of DC current to drive a 1000cm circumference pulley over once, giving you 1000cms of belt, that you run by 10 mini-pulleys having 1cm circumference This scenario winds up returning you 10,000 cycles of AC electricity, all for one spark of DC electricity
    J L - this is super simple free energy,
  • we’ve had it known since Ezekiel’s lifetime
    “wheel in the middle of a wheel"=(Ezek 1:16)=UFO motor

Circumference change is best way to multiply rotations, when you start with a 1000cm circumference pulley, that is driven by ONE SPARK of DC current. It is simple to run a belt from this large pulley + to 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, letting you receive a return of 10,000 cycles or units of AC electricity. This is so superiorly simple, that you would think, most any child could have figured this bit of simple mechanics out. Yet, no one has figured this out in how long, WHY? Spiritual warfare is the only reasoning, and it would have to be pretty powerful, to keep this little bit of simple pulley technology hidden from us for so long.

  • Please don’t forget,
    That this is only my rough conceptual figuring,
    Of Ezekiel’s description of a UFO motor (Ezek 1:16)
    Which not only gives us free energy =
    GEM = Geographical Electricity Multiplication

So, this technology could lead us to anti-gravity

  • 1000 mph vectoring of said vehicles
    If we dig deep enough into this technology

PLEASE, please, start taking this SERIOUSLY
So that we can have many minds on trying to figure this out
My dream is for us to start building our own UFOs

yes, it is hard to fight against Satan + his evil spiritual forces, especially when this technology is so obviously logical. It only takes one spark of DC electricity to turn the motor over once + if you attach a 100cm circumference pulley to it, you would gain 100cm of moving belt. Then you run this moving belt through 1 to 10 mini=pulleys of 1cm circumference, with AC generators attached. This GEM= (Geographical Electricity Multiplier) would generate you 100 to 1000 units of AC electricity. Now, try and tell me that you cannot generate one spark of DC electricity, with 1000 cycles of AC electricity. This is so dam simple, that it should prove to humanity that there is indeed a POWERFUL SPIRITUAL WARFARE going on over this technology.