Gravity: Energy Vault

This sounds interesting to keep an eye on:

In the Swiss municipality of Arbedo-Castione, a 70-meter crane stands tall. Six arms protrude from the top, hoisting giant blocks into the sky. But these aren’t building blocks, and the crane isn’t being used for construction.

The steel tower is a giant mechanical energy storage system, designed by American-Swiss startup Energy Vault, that relies on gravity and 35-ton bricks to store and release energy.
Gravity could solve renewable energy's biggest problem - CNN

Well that’s reassuring, the concrete blocks are made from “recycled material”
as for the rest of it, who knows how much resources it gobbled up. It’s frighteningly typical, let’s solve our technology created problems by coming up with even more complex and extreme engineering that gobbles up even more resources.
Or perhaps, could be simply another investment scam.

Dang I know I ought to be more enthusiastic, but ain’t feeling it. Nice addition to the valley though, I wonder if they’re going to be selling neat little models, start completing with them Eiffel Tower trinkets.

I kind of like the simplicity of

Not that they are any panacea, still there’s something more down to Earth, simpler and more reliable.
I can’t even imagine how many things can go wrong with all the various components that are strapped onto that contraption. The Alps does have some fearsome weather that’ll be attacking those components up there.

What ever goes down must be pulled up. What energy is used to pull the weight up? Bigger is better? Waist not want not? is there no end to the fossil fuels?
Using big fly wheels have been used for storing energy by many power generating plants for many years. 1 horse power is 33000 lbs. dropped 1 foot in one hr. This is interesting but not very useful as real storage device. Power is needed to store power. Why not have something that makes power continuously 24/7 that does not need a storage system in the first place. it takes more power to store power that is lost that can not be used later anyway. But at least somebody has lots of money to waist on big toys. On the other hand who has that kind of money to waist and why? As for pumped hydroelectric storage ( let the Sun make rain ) no pumps needed. Oh ya. Hydroelectric dams do that. If you make more power the population will grow. so you make more power to make more people. use people to make the gravity storage. make a big high stair to the top of a big ferrous wheel.
the people can jump on the downward holding drum. if 33000 lbs. of people drop 1 ft per 1 hr. 1 horse power can be produced. it seem people need something to do. that is better than typing on a forum. about whatever?
Just a thought. Tom Wlazlak Energy systems Inventor.

Can you explain the system, or is it all proprietary?
In simple layperson terms.

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Citizenschallergev4: EttCM - Energy to torque Conversion Motor - systems
It is very difficult to explain the systems involved on a forum page;
Most all my work I will explain to them that Email me direct. however what I have found is that the technology is somewhat more that most can understand without learning all the concepts involved. most don’t take the time to get this information. So it becomes worthless to them. this is why the technology is somewhat unknown because no one really has taken the time to see if it is real or not. I have been working on these systems for over 50 years, thousands of test and hundreds of small devices made to get a few usable systems. I use gmail
somewhere there is a name used … not many email me, but I always answer if they do. I have drawing I sent to them that inquire, but no one asks what they do or how they make the systems work. Very strange. one without the other is somewhat useless. I have one other way to relay how these systems work that is in person. only a hand full of people have had that opportunity.
Thanks for asking: Tom Wlazlak - Engineer, Artist, Inventor, Industrial Equipment Designer, and Mfg. Electrical control systems, automated system, Business building floorplan designer. heavy equipment operator, Welder, fitter, metal fab. Service technician. and Mechanic. ''also Gardener. mostly flowers. everyone needs a hobby.

So you didn’t read the article?

This has the mark of a crackpot. That, and you are on this forum instead of out there getting your work verified. There are a lot of people looking for ways to create clean energy.

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lausten: Thank you for the comment on being a crackpot, I have relayed on other sites why this is a good thing. On the case of getting my work Verified: Please come and see me in person or just email me and I will send you drawings to prove this stuff works. Most do not email me or come to see me in person because they do no really want to see if it is true or not. and putting a video on the internet is useless. because anything can be made to work in the cartoon world of the internet. If you are standing in front in person it is hard to disprove your own real view of reality. Thanks Tom ( a cracked pot )

mrmhead: yes I did read the article. As for what pulls the weight up.
The Sun has made all the energy we all use on Earth. So I am going to say the Sun.

I met a guy who invented a robot that used super magnets to clean the hulls of large ships. He showed me the patent because he knew I was not well versed in that and wouldn’t know how to steal his invention. He was trying to market it to the navy, so he wouldn’t let them have it overnight, because he knew they would reverse engineer it.

The proof for you would be in producing energy consistently over time, not just showing some contraption. If you had that, it would be easy for you to sell it to a large building of just about any kind. I don’t know why you come to me and try to convince me. I’m way at the consumer end of this deal, and would need to know people have used it and that it worked.

Lausten: part of being a cracked pot is leaking out your concepts. Because what I am offering the world is free like wind or Solar it seems there is no end market to sell to. I was not trying to convince you, that is way to much work. simple offered you. if you wanted. It is free will. I am not pushing this technology on anyone. simply
making an offer to see or not to see something interesting. Thank you however for taking time out to talk with me about the magnetic ship hull cleaner. I once built a cleaner to remove solvents from nuclear waist dumps sites. fun stuff.
We all have interesting stories to tell. There is a 50 percent rule half think one thing half will think another. but all are correct within their own mind.
By the way: people that are worried about having there tech. reverse engineered by others are more likely to have that happen. because they would do the same to others. it’s bad karma. A persons life is only so long. one is all a person gets. whatever is done in that time frame still in only one time frame.
I would rather give something away for free as long as it makes at least one person happy within there one life frame. that’s my view. have a nice day. Tom

It did not appear that you were giving it away. I’m still confused about how you are giving out away, but only under specific circumstances.

Mrmhead: I made a viewpoint to the Climate Change Science 2021 that pertains to energy storage for future use. pumping liquid co2 into the empty oil wells could also be used as output energy once Global warming is under control. Releasing amounts of co2 gasses could control global climate for the future maintaining between high and low average temp. yearly, The Big Idea Plan. thanks, Tom

What? Why? How? …

Yes, I saw that …

Lausten: good question: What = co2 in liquid form, How = once in the container it is under pressure: 2 points: first… lesser co2 = lower temp / more co2 = higher temp. between the 2 there is an average.
second… Letting the gas out under pressure is delta/ P. energy = Retrievable energy for future use. Why? – Is Global warming an issue? Again the oil wells are empty this means there is a hole in the ground that could collapse someday. That would be very bad don’t you think. Some groups are refilling them with Sea water Now, today, to stop the sinking. ( WHY ) not use co2 instead of Sea Water same effect plus lesser green house gasses in the Atmosphere. win - win, as it were.
Thanks for the good questions. it gives people something to think about. Tom

And others tell us it would be wonderful to be able to test for every malady with one drop of blood sample.
Big Idea Plan.
But how well do you understand your subject?
Controlling Earth’s climate with the ease with which we heat and cool buildings is a great big idea, but Earth is pretty big, and a tad complex.

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Abe or maybe Mark.