Drawing the line at "swear" words

In the rules

(f) Threads and posts are not allowed that in the opinion of Moderators are impolite, vulgar, nasty, uncivil, or otherwise disruptive to the good functioning of the either the Forum or to CFI’s mission. Free inquiry is only possible if we maintain civility. Abuse of forum members will not be permitted. In particular, abuse of Moderators for performing their responsibilities will not be permitted. What constitutes abuse will be determined by Moderators on a case-by-case basis, however in general it amounts to any racist, sexist, homo-sexist, threatening, harassing, or other personally offensive, vulgar or derogatory comments. Abuse would include so-called hate speech and fighting words.
As noted, I don't have to explain myself on this one. But I'll ask anyone who cares. If I don't draw the line at scatalogical language, where is the line? It makes my job difficult if I allow someone who makes mostly logical points and is in general agreement with CFI principles, to cross that line. If someone who is already disruptive crosses that line, then it helps to have the clear violation and to then ban them based on that.

I do my best to keep my judgments (as a moderator) out of the political aspects of posts, even when a political opinion is bordering on racist or sexist. Threatening and harassing is usually also pretty easy to identify. Offensive, vulgar, and derogatory get a little more difficult.


Is this in reference to my “sack of …” comment? I wasn’t sure at first.

Sorry, my bad.



Yes, quite. Apology accepted and appreciated.

Taking it like a man @mrmhead.

I have this vague feeling of grade school days, teacher calls out the culprit, who stand up to take his medicine. Now it’s time for his cohorts to stand up, or the entire class gets it.

mea culpa. :tipping_hand_man:

Guess, I also need to learn to pay more attention to the age/date of these posts.
It’s tricky now that the system keeps shoving suggestions at us.

But I do like how they kind of snidely say
… 4 months Later

At least that’s the way I take it.

I think this “old post” thing will clear up after we get a few hundred posts out there. The dates were more prominent in the previous version, now they are gray and smaller. I only see three topics per category on the main lists. OTOH, I like the “unread” button, that’s usually what I’m looking for first, but I like perusing, looking for something I missed or forgot about.

How broad are the banned words? I had a comment rejected because of illegal word, but for the life of me, could not figure out what word caused offense.
I could narrowed to one paragraph, I removed “masochist” being the only word that might possibly be offensive. Next I removed “sausage”, that was as in sausage making. Still rejected. Could it have been the “tough love” or “tossing in.” A slight error in copying and over copying the clipboard and my experimentation was ended. So here I am investigating.

Oh boy rereading that, written up like that and all. Lordie sounds like I was trying to compose an ad for a naughty magazine or something. But, but really sir, it wasn’t like that sir.

I was writing about writing and the necessity of the pain of critique and editing.

To be clear, this is tongue in cheek.
It happened as reported, and I am curious about the range of banned words, but more for the fun of it than any concern. Since I’m too lazy to look, especially after spending all that time smithing the above, I figure someone can share the link, if such a list exists. If not, that’s cool. Can figure it out as we go along.

Carlin’s list of 7 is a good start, but it also depends on how they are used. Name-calling with the most childish of words will start the warnings if used regularly. Same for all ‘bad’ words, if used too often. The combination of a commonly accepted swear word, directed at a person, will not go well.

I don’t know what scenario you are talking about CC. I don’t remember rejecting posts, and I haven’t run into it with the new software. There is no list built in that I know of.

“Masochist” is not offensive. The other words are not offensive. The usual censored words on OTA channels, sexist slurs, and racial slurs pretty much covers it.

Okay, fair enough it was very curious. I’m sorry I didn’t get the offending paragraph pasted into a word doc before losing it. My bad. My first post describes all details and nothing worth rehashing. Just an interesting aside that was fun to write about.

Well that was a totally obnoxious half hour that turned what was a great morning into a big fat irritation. Now I found the offensive word


https: // flowing data . com / wp-content/ uploads/2012/10/Time_Clock-620x587. gif

Flow, flow, flow

flowingdata . com

Puter! , it’s not a bad word, even if most woman have to go through it monthly!!! Please it’s used in many other concepts, don’t you know.

Now that’s something we can bring up to the web master. You’re right puter/period, whatever the word was, isn’t a bad word.

{puter or 'puter is my shorthand for computer}

Thanks, please do. I do understand appropriate words, and no flaming, and do my best not to go there, and all three incidents were totally innocuous, dare I say constructive, posts - thus my irritation. I have smallish windows of opportunity, then I spend time trying to write up something interesting and grammatically correct, then get stuck in this maddening loop of arguing with the computer trying to figure what it doesn’t like, plus Mr. 'Puter only offers vague hints.

PS I’m putting myself on time out, the Big Brother Thing has a way of pushing all my wrong buttons and turning me into someone I don’t like. Plus it endangers my computer, since I start visualizing the fantasy of putting my fist through it, which sounds like great emotional relief, but not in the real world.

It would be fun learning more about what’s going on, in the back end.

I think these are the contributors to the software, discussing this very topic. They get silly, saying they could replace assassin with ninja. The topic just gets closed, 3 years ago. So, that happened.
‘Your post contains words that aren’t allowed’ … but which ones? - bug - Discourse Meta

Also, I can “test” words. I tried some of the commonly known swear words and they went through fine. I can add them easily, so DON’T TEST ME!! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I can’t figure which ones are getting this error to come up. You could PM me, I don’t think the filter does anything there either. Also, something people shouldn’t know, and shouldn’t try to get away with.

Yeah I thought of PM’ing you. This morning posting has been just fine, we’ll see.