Complaints and flagging

I much appreciate the use of flagging inappropriate posts. It’s intended to keep playground-type fights from disrupting threads. But lately, the threads are disrupted anyway.

We have had a couple of complaints about language, at least I think that’s the complaint. The complainer has been taunting and insulting regularly and I am not going to get into the middle of these childish exchanges. Usually, they escalate regardless of the person being addressed or ignored. I get too many complaints and have spent too much time explaining why I cut these off early, so, I’m letting them go and see if anyone wants to prove me wrong and start acting like an adult.

Patterns of behavior are easy to spot, but also easy to argue that each individual comment is somehow okay. They are not. Behaviors like going to enough trouble to research about me, enough to learn my actual name, but not enough to see that I obviously agree on many issues ideologically. Or, complaining publicly that someone couldn’t follow what they were referring to when they didn’t use the easiest and common tools of “quote” or “reply”, and the thread itself was not clear. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they will change to being reasonable and help to clarify instead of increasing the confusion. But I doubt it.

Yeah we’re all human.

It’s interesting though how often the bully is the first one to run off crying victim at the slightest provocation. Guess it’s a character thing.

Lausten I don’t envy your position. And am glad you’re hanging in there.

Culpa Mia, for adding to your heart burn and woe. It was late and it’s just that . . . :zipper_mouth_face:

That’s why the NFL has a taunting penalty, separate from the personal foul. They recognize the infraction of repeated minor offenses, intended to illicit a response.

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That’s what qualifies you as a moderator.