Do Philosophers ever take Evolution into account?

Boy, what a poser you turn out to be. Unfortunately, I’m rather deep in some projects and running out of time, plus I spent my CFI wad this morning on a different thread, so no time, and besides I’ve shared the outlines plenty enough. So I’ll make due with a few selections.

Evolution Flips Abrahamic God Outside In. Sept 8, 2021

One of the things I’ve gotten out of my life long enthusiasm for learning about my human body, my mind/spirit, other people, other creatures and landscapes, Earth and her Evolution, is that my understanding of the traditional Abrahamic God has been flipped outside in.

I came to realize “God” isn’t to be found out there in the heavens. Our “Gods” are to be found deep within ourselves and our evolutionary roots, our DNA being testament to the existence of these roots. As is our human ego, with its origins going way back into our mammalian heritage.

This evolutionary ground up perspective has instilled an Earth Centrist attitude because this living planet is my touch stone with reality and her evolutionary history informs my day in every way.

Take a moment to consider that we humans, you, me, are actually born out of a parade of generations, before generations. The number of our grandparents is inconceivable. Try imagining where it all began, from where we are today. Humanity is a fulfillment of life’s ageless way of striving to improve perceptual, manipulatory and processing abilities, in order to better live a better day.

On a personal level a couple months back I hit upon words that helped me grasp specifically what it was in me that made me such a unique individual. I possess a genuine visceral awareness for being an element in the flow of Earth’s Evolution - and that changes everything about how I perceive today and tomorrow. Whether by a Creator, or by loaded dice, is irrelevant, either way we are the product of deep time moving ever forward with determination.

I am deeply grateful for being the eyes of the universe - a creature that can reflect on the wonder that is Earth and my own spark of being here within all that majesty. An appreciation for the Pageant of Evolution that goes well beyond the typical mental post card most possess.

MPC: I cannot imagine how transcendence of nature, sublimation, ‘glorification’ can possibly work.

I believe MPC is missing the point. Seems to me, it’s not about attaining some spiritual “transcendent” connection with nature, a la new age, or such.

It’s about realizing that Earth’s Evolution is an actual factual reality, it’s about realizing that all these folds within folds of harmonic complexity actually means something.

Deeply appreciating that within myself there are direct roots to achievements hundreds of millions even billions of years ago. Learning about and understanding the outlines of those various folds within folds, that’s emotionally satisfying, so it’s worth it just for that, but there is more.

It’s about truly, deeply, viscerally, grasping that your brain and sense of self, evolved out of the mammalian animal brain and their sense of self, which in turn evolved out of an earlier brain and sense of self, with it’s roots in even more primitive ways of sensing/processing/acting found in the simplest of life forms.

The transcendence is not the object, it’s the learning and accumulating an understanding of the flowing complexity.

Then as that journey matures the transcendence happens, as a result of all the accumulating mass of facts and learning coming together into a cohesive harmonic whole that makes sense.

I think that’s when the visceral sense of connection emerges. Is that transcendence? I don’t know, but I do know it feels good.

The fun thing is, this emergent holistic understanding affords an inner sense of solidity and belonging that goes way beyond what manmade promises can ever offer, even beyond the confines of my life. Isn’t that what people keep searching for?

(7.01) An Alternative Philosophical Perspective - “ Earth Centrism

(7.02) Appreciating the Physical Reality ~ Human Mindscape divide

(7.03) Being an element in Earth’s Pageant of Evolution

(7.04) It’s not a “ Body-Mind problem ” it’s an “ Ego-God problem .”

Being able to not just say, but feel that: “I am an element in the pageant of Evolution” - that goes a long way.

Confronting Science Contrarians: Appreciating Evolution

Who Says Understanding Earth’s Evolution is Irrelevant?

Sadly all too many.

I often hear people, not just the religious with their thoughtless rejection and outright contempt for our Earth and her story, but also rational educated people who superficially accept the notion of evolution, yet who seem to have little curiosity about Earth’s Pageant of Evolution, voice complete disinterest.

Too many dismiss the need to learn anything about it as though Evolution were pointless. All the while I’m thinking, but evolution created this world we depend on, why isn’t that worth embracing?

The general apathy doesn’t seem right. Especially considering what an amazingly beautiful, action packed, complex, mysterious and absolutely relevant story Earth’s deep history has to offer us.

From it’s earliest formation with that improbable, but oh so perfectly aimed collision that ‘liquified’ the planet, then reformed that mess into our amazingly advantageous coupled Earth and Moon arrangement, without which complex animals probably could never have evolved on Earth.

On a microscopic level it started with the changing brew of elements and molecules that kept on playing with each other, always trying to find advantageous pairings. Those select advantageous pairings lead to cascading sequences. Thanks to time, lots of time, some of those pairings started repeating themselves in new ways.

Evolution is the passage of generations within their constantly changing environment. To survive one must learn, adapt, change, and be fruitful. It wasn’t always the fittest, sharing and cooperating turns out to have a great deal to do with survival. As does plain old luck, being in the right place at the right time, rather than the wrong one on a bad day.

So it began with elemental atoms getting concentrated here on Earth, then combining into ever more complex and interesting molecular bundles. Some of these combinations of molecules evolved and diverged into ever richer assortments of minerals. Then life joined the party bringing along a few tricks.

Life figured out how to ingest some of those newly evolving minerals and rearrange them into yet more unique minerals that could then be used for building body parts.

Life also somehow figured out how to split water molecules into their individual atom’s thus starting the rise of free oxygen. A very rare thing because oxygen is one of the most reactive atoms around. Meaning mineral evolution was supercharged once oxygen atoms were available to bind with elements and minerals.

Life kept on making more oxygen, with time oxygen ran out of minerals and elements such as iron to bind with, it then started to accumulate in the atmosphere.

That led to some real losers, still only oxygen had the “reducing” properties with the potential to power the complex organisms requiring intensive metabolic activity. Meaning the losers were quite simple organisms, while the stage was being prepared for something much grander.

Life, that is biology, kept busy getting along and figuring out how to do the things it did better, since that’s what got passed down in greater quantity. During Earth’s first two, three billion years life was constrained by the limitations of Earth’s toxic environment.

Scientists have learned that in order to understand a cell, they needed to understand its environment as much as the cell’s interior. This appreciation goes a long way to explaining why life remained at the simplest level for so long. Earth’s toxic environment.

It should be no surprise there was little to see on the outside, cells were responding to a hostile environment, still generations were living out their lives and experimentation was going on at the fine detail level.

Life was busy discovering biological tricks, engineering the molecular components that would, over the course of billions of years, learn to fit together with other components, eventually enabling complex life to blossom.

But, Biology couldn’t have done it without her partner Geology! Earth’s geology includes our moon which probably played a vital role in kick starting plate tectonics, which kick started continent formation.

Tectonics became evolution’s forge. You know, with all that bulldozing, mixing, and pressing, and baking, and volcanic activity, and so on.

We’ve also learned that the moon started orbiting rather close in to Earth and in the beginning the days were as short as 5 hours. Try to imagine those first billion years with truly humongous relentless tidal waves racing fast as jets, mowing down early volcanoes as they emerged from the oceans.

Of course as the moon pulled away from Earth, the days became incrementally longer while the tides became shorter. Our moon continues pulling away from Earth, though now it’s slowed down to about an inch and half a year.

The volcanoes were equally relentless, continental shelves and mountains slowly built up upon huge tectonic plates that floated atop Earth’s softer mantel. They were jostled around our globe driven by deep down convection currents. Which destined them to smash into each other and create yet more volcanoes and land formations, and gases for our atmosphere and so on.

Try to imagine those first nearly four billion years, there were no plants, no roots, no soil, only wind, rain, rivers, and the pounding waves - erosion, rocks, sand, and the ocean and those relentless waves.

Then some six, seven hundred million years ago, among with geochemical changes, Earth’s rotational wobble aligned with continental movements and ocean currents to produce a couple glacial periods that covered the continents, turning our planet into a Snowball Earth. Periods when glaciers pulverizing massive quantities of rocks on the continents (as in a mile’s worth and more) . This then flowed into the seas enriching them with mineral nutrients and more building blocks for life. Over the oceans ice reached all the way to the equator.

Then some really wild things started happening. For one, the simple single celled life, that had any sense, kept moving towards the open water and sunlight. See what’s going on here? Though glaciers covered the oceans, it was never 100% covered. There were always currents that came together, cracks and leads and narrow water channels where sunlight still accessed ocean waters.

These single-celled critters of every variety were increasingly concentrated, meaning competition and opportunities for those who learned fastest and adapted bestest.

All the while, deep in the belly of Earth the kilometer and more worth of glaciers was acting as insulation holding in the heat that was rising up from the core. The weight of the ice also acted as a pressure lid. Meaning volcanic activity was stifled, while heat from Earth’s deep interior was accumulating and volcanic pressures were increasing.

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Tyson’s truism proves what? And what was the context?

Who’s talking about proving? Where was the math equation?

The context is that philosophy is a mind game divorced from physical reality.

… and our human evolutionary origins.

The reality that our Human Consciousness is a biology driven - emergent quasi-organ just slightly outside of “physical reality”.
Who’s origins go way the heck back, . . . . . . .

Bless your heart. Are you doing a Kierkegaard as @write4u?

Hmmm, how did I know that “quasi-” was going to get your goat.
(That’s what made it irresistible to use :kissing_heart: bless your pea picking heart)

Now, I wonder if it’s also lead you into a dead-end, or if you can still think through what I wrote.

After all, it’s not like I haven’t tried spelling it out, in its most fundamental form, plenty enough.

Learning to appreciate the Human Mindscape ~ Physical Reality divide.

The mind is not exactly physical, but it certainly is the direct product of our physical body interacting with a physical reality and processing the information.

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Wah Ma’am! ‘It can be used as a sincere expression of sympathy or genuine concern .’

New he wouldn’t get the Kierkegaard (uh fillossuffa) reference.

no one is checking up on your correct use of references. For me, it’s because I don’t care, given your past garbling of words

It’s called style. I wish you would check, as you would confirm to yourself that you don’t need to.

Don’t blame Kierkegaard for your trolling.
(He’s easy to look up and irrelevant enough not to care what he thought back then. This dialogue is happening here and now and you’re just a big disappointment, more irritant than substance. Perhaps that’s what pisses me off. )

Well, as far as I am concerned, unless a single religion’s fundamental language can be used to debate all the different versions of religion that have ever existed, it is just another fairy tale.

The point is that in science there may be different (relative) perspectives and descriptions of reality, but it uses a single language (mathematics) to describe and argue for or against different interpretations of reality and its foundations, which has led to the acceptance of many fundamental truths that are revealed in the unfolding evolution of the universe.

Mathematical language is the common denominator in all of science and that allows for the eventual acceptance of a commonly shared interpretation of physical reality. and its causal foundations.

I cited Anil Seth before: “When our controlled hallucinations agree we call that reality”.

But if after some 3500 years of religious wars, no religion is willing to accept that a single hypothesis of a spiritual God can be arrived at, then I see no possibility of any "controlled hallucination coming to agreement on religion and how to describe it.

I read some of Kierkegaard and I cannot imagine that a Muslim would agree to his analysis of the Christian God. “Never the twain shall meet”.

I posed the question once to a Christian , “if Christianity and Islam both recognize that there is only one God, is the Christian God the same God as the Muslim God?”

The answer was “no”.

If you cannot even come to agreement on the single common fundamental denominator in separate belief systems, how can you ever hope to come to an agreement on the merits and flaws of such beliefs and practices?

p.s. CC4 summed it up very nicely: It’s Not A “Body-Mind Problem” - It’s An “Ego-God Problem.”

You shouldn’t have to look him up and you still don’t get the reference. Yet philosophers are wrong by omission. And you won’t see the irony in that. As in your projection of trolling.

Sorry? What are you talking about?