Hello fellow earthlings

After a bit of living and loving and thinking I end up understanding that this is all there is. I am all right with that, after all there is no alternative. We humans are of this earth and will most likely never leave it alive (or resurrected). The greatest tragedy is that about half of the humans on earth today believe in a personal supernatural creator. Why? Because they believe they are special and they have created a god to confirm their dream-wish-delusion.
Where would “mankind” be today if it hadn’t been hoodwinked by monotheistic religions (the Big Three).
I look forward to learning what others think of life on earth. We didn’t choose to be born, but we are here. We might like to live forever, but we won’t.

Hello AMH, Thanks for commenting. Certainly evolution can’t be an issue, how we got from there (wherever it was?) to now, is evolution. The “beautifully” part I’m a bit shaky on. With education there is hope. In Sam Harris’ first book he says that the situation could be changed in a generation if only parents would stop lying to their children. (I think it was Sam Harris?) Creation? The beginning of life was one “creation”, I suppose, but very important to we’uns. The other “creation”, the Universe, is even more head scratching. When you have all the time in the universe, maybe it is a process of reproduction just like everything else? Maybe it’s like the seasons? Cheers!