Detroit suing Black Lives Matter Activists

George Floyde protest got a bit out of hand.

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I know nothing about the details, simply responding to your post.

I don’t trust your proffered link, especially since you don’t add any original thoughts yourself, so I used google to find other info.

Here’s an interesting perspective.


As you might expect, the move has infuriated critics, including U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.

She blasted the city’s counter claim as “an unthinkable assault on our constitutional rights,” in a

November op-ed essay published in the Detroit Free Press.

What is that link? I get a “YouTube” icon, and lots of ads. I was worried even the “Captcha” was going to give me a virus.

Not surprising that now that conservatives have spent years altering the Judicial branch, they are now starting to flex that muscle. We can expect to see more and more of these frivolous suits. Eventually, some of them will make through, and our rights will continue to be eroded.

I don’t know what the link is either, but my ad blocker blocks everything but the Captcha. Not sure why anyone would sue BLM, except for their conservative ideals. The conservatives want to dominate everyone. They want power, even if it means having a dictator who enslaves many. I personally do not think the lawsuit will go anywhere.

Apologies for the link, Its been fixed now :slight_smile:

I dont mind when activists (BLM or other) do their thing, as long as it remains in control!
I was happy however to hear that the Supreme Court had sided in separate cases with a Black Lives Matter activists.

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