Democrats let US eviction moratorium expire,

Biden the corporate democrat, the wall st lackey is pushing millions of families to catastrophe

Millions are threatened with losing their homes, adding to the already dire situation Americans face as the pandemic enters a new deadly stage

And what about all the owners of the rental properties that haven’t been getting rent for more than a year? Their bills haven’t stopped.

owners of the rental properties
They are richer on paper, if the price of houses stays up, or they can sell, they did way better than a year's rent
Millions are threatened with losing their homes
Yeah, I remember 4 years ago when everyone had a home. Or 2008 when everyone's mortgage was reasonable. And 1968 when all Vietnam vets were getting homes when they came back to the States. And when I lived in a city and never had anyone ask me for money. And hobos are a myth.
They are richer on paper, if the price of houses stays up, or they can sell, they did way better than a year’s rent
I'd think they would have to disclose the current renters history. How easy would that be to sell?

Other than to big corporations at below market, because they can weather the storm better than Larry the Landlord.

Thanks Joe! ?


Other than to big corporations
As George Harrison once said, "there are a lot of millionaires in the world". Lots of people who own a franchise here, a few rental properties there, passive income, meaning they got some capital, probably in a nice job in one of those big corporations, then bought something and became an "owner", so they do nothing but collect checks.

An NBC News survey found that 26 out of 41 US states surveyed had distributed less than 10 percent of their first round of Emergency Rental Assistance, with many states only beginning to hand out money in June. Experts point to numerous reasons aid has yet to reach tenants, including a lack of federal guidelines for distribution, application processes that are too complicated and excessive documentation requirements to prove one’s need.

Exacerbating the issue is a large eligibility gap, with half of the families facing eviction falling outside of eligibility for federal assistance due to their income. As a result, funds are reaching only a small fraction of those who need them most.

Late '60’s -early '70’s my father owned a 4-unit building. 2 commercial, 2 residential. For a while he ran a deli out of one of the commercial units.

Two things I learned from that experience.

Don’t own a rental property and Don’t own your own business. ?

We are far from millionaires.



On an individual level, evicted families will not be able to easily recover from being thrown out. An eviction is a stain that can haunt a person for years. Landlords often discriminate against individuals with an eviction on their credit history and deny them lodging.