Crime reports don't match reality

In dollars, so much more crime is done by people who have money, not the petty stuff you read about.

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Murder, rape, robbery are more visceral which is why the public cares more about it than white collar crime.

If it bleeds it leads.

Gotta get those viewers (old-school) and clicks.

If you report the same “Air Quality is Bad Today” every day, you won’t get much return action.

Reporting about the same thing day in and day out brings fatigue. Look at when they constantly reported the Covid numbers. Eventually you get numb to it and it just becomes noise.
The war in Ukraine has lost it’s “Buzz Appeal” until something big happens again.

If something New and “Exciting” happens, then other media outlets race to find similar stories - what I call Media Lensing.

There will be one big earthquake somewhere. Then suddenly more stories about smaller earthquakes. Not that there are more earthquakes, just the media trying to glom onto the first big story and continue the clicks.

… and what does he mean by “wage theft”?

Isn’t that a contradiction? There are entire shows about petty criminals

The problem is more likely a legal one. If someone is shot, we can see that. If someone doesn’t get paid overtime, we’d need the evidence. You can’t call the police about that. You need a lawyer. The news isn’t going to risk being wrong about it.

This is how the law favors the ownership class

Breaking News!!

Karen Jones was shorted 1.25 hours in pay last week as a part-time waitress at the Podunkville Sleep-n-Eat

Is this really wat we want to see on the news?

Another “Media Lensing” that pops up on occasion is mass wildlife die-offs.

They are more common than you’d think. But one popular news story will bring on a few more similar stories. And in the case of animal die offs - a few conspiracy theories too (It’s the chem-trails )

Walmart steals billions in wages, resulting in its employees needing food stamps, essentially stealing from you, the taxpayer.

Film at 11

I wish this were true. I got more and more stressed and worried about it as heard the death toll and read about what it does to the human body. They had my attention and kept it. In fact, they still have my attention. COVID is going back up again and we could very well have yet another surge. I still wear a mask indoors (all day at work), despite being fully vaccinated and double boosted. I look around and wonder just how many more people have to die before everyone stop messing around with COVID and at least get vaccinated, if they refuse to wear a mask. I estimate 99% of people are asking for COVID currently. My husband and I still don’t eat out because we are still in a pandemic, but people act like COVID is gone. Yeah, that’s pretty much all I do think about and read about. So please don’t tell me that we get numb to it and it just becomes background noise, because it does not.