Complaint against moderator Mriana

This is a complaint against the unprofessional and threatening behaviour of Mriana as a moderator towards me in her laissez -faire application of the site rules.

The use of the word hateful in describing my communication with another in the issues forum is completely unacceptable and shows her underhanded and uneven approach towards me with the intention of escalating the conversation to the point of vilifying my character.

I would like clarification on the rules surrounding who can make comment in the issues forum apart from the originator of the complaint and if asking someone to mind their own business and refrain from making comments to a compliant not concerning them constitutes hateful speech.

I see Mrinana has form here in another compliant against her

  1. This is not a professional job.

  2. Are you threatened by a female moderator?

Sounds to me like you don’t like to be called out and informed that it’s not your thread to be telling another member, who started the thread, it’s not their business, to butt out, and being downright hateful. I see nothing underhanded about that. I see that as trying to control things, when you don’t have control, especially since you didn’t start that thread. However, you did start this thread and as I told you to do, and I was even nice enough to explain how to do it.

The person who started the thread can comment. It wasn’t your thread, to begin with so write4u was free to say something since they started the previous thread you were posting on.

It is hateful the way you spoke to them. Again, it wasn’t your thread. Also, a member cannot make hateful comments to other members on the forum, as per rules, which are found in the FAQ section.

That person ended up banned because they had an attitude much like yours. The decision to ban them was not made by me alone. We don’t make such decision arbitrarily or on our own whims. There are two mods and we make such decisions together.

One last thing, the thread you posted on was not a complaint against me, but another member. So you barged in on someone else’s thread, which had nothing to do with the original complaint, making it the business of the original poster, and then you tell them it’s none of their business, so butt out of their own thread. That’s mean and hateful, by anyone’s standards, especially to the one it’s being said to. Again, it wasn’t your thread to be talking to another that way.


I understand that you couldn’t start your own thread when you wanted to. It’s very unusual for someone to put something in the complaint thread on their first day. We don’t have precedents and specific rules for every situation that arises. So, you and another member shooting barbs back and forth over the quality of your complaint is not something I want to deal with, comment on, or even read for that matter.

This is a place for adult conversation, so your feelings are not my concern. Nothing has been said that is threatening to you, like those covered in rule 3f. that rule also covers what is a “sign of a troll” and what “should” be avoided. Some of these inevitably occur, so they are stated as guidelines, not hard and fast rules. It’s like the NFL, a penalty occurs on every play, but the refs don’t throw a flag every time. I don’t consider something trolling until it becomes consistent and repetitive.

You might want to review your own posts and see how you measure up to that. I respect your right to raise this issue, but since there are no consequences to you being discussed at this point, you are simply repeating yourself. Your opening statement is a claim, that I have already said I disagree with. Maybe trying rephrasing it without so much hyperbole and assumptions about escalation.

I have already responded to your questions, but I’ll repeat them here. A warning about a rule doesn’t mean anything if we don’t say it means something. We have responded to your concern and no action was taken. There is no rule about how a member responds to someone else registering a complaint. The moderator’s job would become untenable if every problematic response to something problematic needed a judgment.

No. Its by your actions. Whats does it mean when you moderator respond to someone that is highlighted in yellow

“Plagiarize much? Please read the FAQs page before copying and pasting whole documents.”

Is it a warning? Strike 1?

Why did you do that when

  1. I am s new member, and
    2 The other moderator did the exact same thing in the very post before and you said nothing. In fact i even provided the link which he did not.

Why? Is it just because you hate other voices contrary to your views??

I read the complaint against you by pointpot.

I have the right to say to someone mind there own business when they are inserting themselves in a matter not if their concern and are posting to agitate. And you make things worse by using inflammatory language such as hateful . Not good !!

Is this a rule or not?

This folder is for issues of Forum functioning (questions, problems or concerns) as well as complaints about actions taken by Forum Moderators or Administrators. Any thread here may only be responded to by the originator of that thread and Moderators or Administrators. Each issue will be allocated one thread, so look to be sure that your issue has not been or is not already being dealt with before posting. Posts on duplicate issues will be deleted. Questions and problems will be dealt with one-on-one by Moderators. For complaints, this is the procedure:

Gee, you got me there. You’re right. Sorry 'bout that.

That’s one reason I had you open your own thread.

There is no other thread in this area like this.