College entrance scandal: a crime?

I looked for this topic on the site, found nothing. I have listened to the news and read on-line about this. I would like to know what people here think of it.

The SAT is owned and administered by non-profits. I find no claim of a Federal law regarding the SAT or college admissions. It seems to me that this “scandal” is artificial; the prestigious colleges are known to favor children whose parents make large (tax deductible) endowments, clearly quid pro quo.

It seems the only crime the parents are accused of is mail fraud. The feds finally got Al Capone on income tax evasion, not the many crimes he supposedly committed. The mail fraud charge seems a bit like that to me, except that cheating on the SAT isn’t an actual crime under the law.

Who said that the world is fair? Unless you are personally affected by this scandal, move on.

IMO, the real over-arching “crime” is the prices that are charged for University educations. That effects the health of our nation.

But if you are superior enough to be concerned only with the grand scheme of life, the universe, and everything, then this and any other topic becomes moot.

Yeah, you’re right that it’s bullshit. Media driven bullshit. Seems to be the sort of thing that everyone accepts as a real occurrence but as long as you don’t get caught it’s not really happening.

I guess ultimately it makes the schools look bad as it’s hard to maintain the image of a serious institution preparing the future leaders of society. The celebrities won’t face anything more than a slap on the wrist and nobody thinks much of their integrity to begin with.