As you regulars know I’ve been participating in a new online chat room which is mainly for rationalists who are concerned about climate science. Particularly those souls who are involved in the public dialogue or getting ready to write about it and become proactive. A place for like minded to get together and chat with a few folks from around the world - a lot like CFI, but more focused. They also have an Introduce Yourself page that’s taken me weeks to get around to adding mine. Bios are curious, we want to talk about ourselves, yet we want to be private. Considering some of the personal attacks, in particular the slander that’s been leveled against me, I’ve been thinking on it more than I used to. Yesterday I finally posted my intro and reread it this morning, other than a couple typos and an “on” that was supposed to be an “own”, that slipped by me, I like it. Almost feel like posting it here but at 600 words seems a bit much.
Instead I’ll extend an invitation:
citizenschallenge :cheese:

Funny how things go. It started as a response in a discussion
Actually more of a joke, then I thought about bringing it over here, then other possibilities danced into my mind as I recalled my long simmering desire to post about CFI over at my blogs. Another instance of ‘organic construction’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Time for a silly music break Matthew Halstead, Simon and Garfunkel, CFI Forum.