Chris Christie - Trump - Ukraine

““The socialist wing of the Democratic Party””

Ha ha haha. What a whoppa

If I post this: “Player thinks being drenched in pee is as bad as being drenched in diarrhea.”, do you have a beef with that?

Knucklehead. Stick to your point about a religious zealot being better

Mike, If our DOTUS is not impeached out of office, the Turk has to join forces, at least temporarily, with the Dems to win the 2020. 4 more years of DOTUS is too dangerous.

If DOTUS is removed from office, then the Turk would probably want the Dems to lose 2020.

Note: The sentences above may, or may not, be fictional.

So player is fine with our president trading away American sovereignty and doing Putin’s dirty work for him.

Player is a “Russian Hoaxer” like Birthers or other conspiracist aficionados, they believe there is a vast conspiracy that is presenting Russia as being bad actors who have and are attacking us, while Player and so many others believe that Russia and Putin are innocent, while the real bad guys, they believe to be those who are attributing bad things to Russia.

This is a widely held belief.

Propaganda works.

So where is the impeachment for this so called russiagate?

See what I mean?

Timb conspiracies are us at your propaganda service

One effective tactic of propaganda can be accusing your opponent/s of something like the crime that you actually did. So Dems and media are accused of having constructed a “Russia gate” conspiracy, that is, making up things to accuse the Russians of, finding things to blame the Russians for, etc. Net talk shows and comedians make fun of all of the hullaballoo about Russia as being fake. This effort to deny that Russia has done ANY meddling has been a full scale campaign for years now. And it has worked to a great degree. Many Americans (and voters) believe that Russia is innocent and that anyone who says or reports otherwise is part of the Russia-gate Scam.

Still flogging a dead horse.

Let the fratricide begin.

I never made the connection before but, Trump is America’s Taxi Driver - in a Hollywood sort of way it certainly makes sense.

2:27 is especially precious.


What’s scary is how easy it is to visually ‘t’ in front of his gold gilded full-length mirror practicing.

They’re going to make an opera outta this stuff.

October 3rd,

Now China

This is in response to Player (who is, however, no longer here). It’s a link to an article about one way that the propaganda was promoted on claiming “Russia gate” to be a hoax.


Oh, CC did you hear about Trump calling for Pence to be investigated if he (Trump) was being investigated. Some said that this was a ploy by Trump, because if both he and Pence were impeached, then Nancy Pelosi would be POTUS! (Thus Repubs would never allow that to happen.)

did you hear about Trump calling for Pence to be investigated if he (Trump) was being investigated.
It's all the low life knows. I don't think he's matured one bit since his early teenage king-of-the-world phase, under the protect of daddy warbucks.
Some said that this was a ploy by Trump
"a ploy" Tee, here's a great example of the roots of my exasperation with the supposed grown ups in the room..

Has Trump done one thing since being president that isn’t a ploy? - yet he’s still treated like a serious guy.

Wish the public were being made more aware of the mechanics of deception and brainwashing - but no we continue playing by their script.


Although I just heard about that quiet tax investigation - stuff like make me feel a little glimmer of hope, but will there be any results?

Call me a skeptic, but hope rings eternal. Trust me I throw out my negative prognostications dearly hoping to be wrong. Unfortunately, facts on the ground speak for themselves, no matter my bias.