China mediates peace deal between Iran & Saudi Arabia

Meanwhile back at the ranch. Chew on that !

Speaking of China,

What makes you so sure of that? Can you explain it in any detail?
Time will tell.
Not that it wouldn’t be wonderful, but we’ll need to give it a few years.

Lots and lots of people. But, talk is cheap,
as for absorbing the facts and seriously thinking about it,
it’s tragically as few as possible.
I imagine you also think it’s irrelevant to these discussions.

Live and you will learn buddy boy - the main show is just starting to get warmed up and it will make manure out of all these grand political agreements.

What you clearly do not understand is that we are in the middle of the Anthropocene extinction event.

Yes, that oil will be necessary to bridge the entire changeover from fossil energy to green energy.

The world’s industries are so dependent on oil that the entire world would collapse and return to the stone age if we stopped using fossil fuel completely.

The world is “addicted” to fossil fuel and withdrawal will be a long hard slough

You speak about peace between drug addicts when drugs become scarce.
Are you beginning to get it?

Instead of peace, WWIII is likely to occur and may have already started with Russia’s and China’s bids to take over resource rich territories.

If you think you have insight into planetary upheavals, you may want to do a little more scientific inquiry instead of slinging random “observations” in order to “stir the pot” a little more.

Biden breaks another campaign promise. Climate change talk is just cheap with democrats and republicans

Yes that was before Putin invaded Ukraine and may have started WW III. China is already positioning itself for that eventuality.

It is difficult to pursue peaceful goals when there is a mass murderer that forces the rest of the world to arm itself against another wannabe Emperor.

What’s Biden gonna say to NATO when they are running out of oil to support Ukraine? What’s Biden gonna say to Ukraine? Sorry folks I am trying to avoid a mass extinction event, while that is currently taking place in Ukraine???

You clearly have no ability to judge priorities.

I might as well be talking to a card board cut out of Biden. Absolutely atrocious

I think cardboard cutouts are exactly your speed. You don’t care about facts or what people say.


Rich from the guy who says i cant be bothered explaining

Why should he bother?

You’ve done nothing but piß on other’s efforts to constructively communicate with you.

It’s a shame, because I believe you might have something of substance to share, apparently you still have a lot of growing to do, before it can come to the surface.

Of course. Why should anybody here be bothered to explain what they mean

I wouldn’t go that far. Agreements between Middle East nations have not worked in the past.

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What agreements would they be and who was the broker?

All of them besides the Egyptian-Israel ceasefire.

And the reason they failed is not because of American mediation.

Can you name a handful and their broker?

The Geneva talks were overseen by the UN.

Camp David talks overseen by the US.

Thanks one guy. Youre only one here thats willing to have an honest back and forth conversation.

You mean the 2017 syria peace talks and the 1978 egypt israel peace agreement??

Yes, but there’s been more than one at Camp David.