Against US threats - iran and china sign 25 year treaty

This is on the back of the disasterous US China talks in Alaska recently

Well considering what a shit-show American politics have become, are you surprised at this?

Remember the message sent forth to all nations from our American shores four years ago???

It’s all about ME FIRST!

Nothing else matters to the Americans pushing their get rich schemes, so what’s a threatened nation to do. (That’s not agreeing with it, it’s just asking what the hell did we expect to come from how we treated the world that once looked to us for leadership?)

Are we supposed to be more concerned about that or more concerned about what’s happening with trump’s totalitarian Republican Party and what they are trying to do to our USA democracy and our government of checks and balances and the rule of law for the people, rather than just rich white guys?

If you think so, why?

Not to mention our track record in the Middle East.

Iran needs all the help it can get. Also, China and Iran are not strangers and it makes sense for them to support of kind of new “silk road”. Not a big deal for us.

China’s trade with the Middle East rose to $294.4 billion in 2019, having surpassed US trade with the Middle East in 2010. Beijing is Tehran’s leading trade partner and plans to further develop infrastructure linking China through Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey to its key export markets in Europe under its Belt and Road Initiative.

From another thread - Syria might be the next to sign up with China.

And I like how it’s “Against US threats” (yes, I know some US officials “warned” them) What are they going to do - Shake their finger at them?

It’s all about ME FIRST!
I've seen this story before.

It ends with: “Only Me”


Remember in the “good old days” when US would march in for a regime change proclaiming that “We are not at war with the people, just the gov’t”. Well, if We the People elect more “Me First” leaders, the world will start to turn their backs on the US People too, not just some crazy leader that slipped through the cracks and into the White House.