So, Cassini is taking it’s final plunge tomorrow. That’s been my favorite probe to keep tabs on. I will miss it. :frowning:

I think we will all miss it.

But the reruns will be great.

For the ignorant among us:
like me.

Ooooo! Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

Looking Back On The Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn

This just popped up:
NASA holds a news conference following Cassini’s grand finale
Didn’t show on last search.

The last photo:
I’m sure there are a whole bunch of others on APOD. :slight_smile:

The day before is way cooler, but not on topic.

Explanation: A beautiful conjunction of Venus and Moon, human, sand, and Milky Way is depicted in this night skyscape from planet Earth. The scene is a panorama of 6 photos taken in a moment near the end of a journey. In the foreground, footsteps along the wind-rippled dunes are close to the Huacachina oasis in the southwestern desert of Peru. An engaging perspective on the world at night, the stunning final image was also chosen as a winner in The World at Night’s 2017 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest.

PBS NOVA Cassini Saturn Mission Documentary 2017

Cool pic, was that at the dunes in the San Luis Valley?
Thanks for the video tip.
It was a welcome diversion. Learned a bunch of stuff I hadn’t caught up on yet.
That stuff from Huygen about Titan, amazing, I knew about some of it, but having it all pulled together and the magic of computer graphics.
Lakes, clouds, rain, landscapes, wow.

Updated picture post with explanation.

Updated picture post with explanation.
Oh and I thought it was a selfie. Cool picture in any event.