The Expanse

I’ve been watching The Expanse on Amazon Prime, a sci-fi series set in a future human solar system with Mars as a separate culture and a 3rd group of humans that are miners in “the belt”. They have just discovered an alien life form, but I don’t want to spoil it. It starts out with lots of characters, seemingly disconnected, but stay with it for 4 or 5 episodes before you decide if you like it. It has a little something for everybody, even the spiritual characters have redeeming qualities and are not flat or traditional tropes. Microtubials, St. Augustine, The Drake equation, military references, economic philosophies, they all get their moments.

I just finished season 3, so use “spoiler alert” flags if you know more than that.

I’m off today, so I’ll give it a look-see. It does sound interesting.

6th and final season starts Dec 10:

Fantasy without space elevators. And we’re nowhere near yet, if ever. I’d love it to happen. And as for aliens, don’t make me laff. How did they get here? Without woo. Unless it evolved out there. In the Jovian system, with its staggering array of physico-chemical gradients. The teeming universe is forever out of touch.