Fun story of the day. Taking bets, where will it land? May 8th


Tentative reentry speed 17,000 MPH

Reentry location, tough one, it’s tumbling head over heel, predictions are at best a rough educated guess, that need to be readjusted every few minutes. Although seems like it’ll be in the Pacific Ocean. Check out the map, traveling from west to east.

ETA - 8ish to 10ish hours from now. So very roughly 9 to midnight Denver time.

Heck of a fireworks display guaranteed.

I can’t find how long it takes to make one orbit, so I can’t make any bets yet. ?

but I did find a very cool, info packed, BBC article.

For anyone interested.

Big Chinese rocket segment set to fall to Earth By Jonathan Amos BBC Science Correspondent

posted 9 hours ago


Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

Indian Ocean, south of India, east, and within sight of the Maldives.


NASA criticizes China's handling of rocket re-entry as debris lands near Maldives

By Jackie Wattles, CNN

Updated 8:29 AM ET, Sun May 9, 2021

New York (CNN Business)NASA has lambasted China for its failure to “meet responsible standards” after debris from its out-of-control rocket likely plunged into the Indian Ocean Saturday night.
“Spacefaring nations must minimize the risks to people and property on Earth of re-entries of space objects and maximize transparency regarding those operations,” said NASA Administrator Sen. Bill Nelson in a statement released on the space agency’s website Sunday.
“China is failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris,” he added.
Most of the huge Long March 5B rocket, however, burned up on reentering the atmosphere, the China Manned Space Engineering Office said in a post on WeChat, before landing just west of the Maldives.

It was unclear if any debris had landed on the atoll nation.
The US Space Command said the Long March 5B had reentered Earth over the Arabian Peninsula.
The rocket, which is about 108 feet tall and weighs nearly 40,000 pounds, had launched a piece of a new Chinese space station into orbit on April 29. After its fuel was spent, the rocket had been left to hurtle through space uncontrolled until Earth’s gravity dragged it back to the ground. …

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