Feel the BERN! ; )

OK folks, time to loosen up your backbones.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQP6nzhi4s8 Pri yon Joni - "Everybody Feel the Burn" Bernie Sanders & Killer Mike

That was much better after I muted the sound.
Meanwhile in Oregon, Bernie Sanders marijuana pipes backordered until May.

Seems to me that a hit of ecstasy would be required to make that kind of music inspiring. But perhaps there is some unusual strain of marijuana that I am not familiar with that would also work.

Yeah, it is pretty crappy music. It just caught me off guard and I thought it was fun.
Those pipes ought to go over real well with the moral majority.
Too bad all the right-wingers and Xian freaks don’t just move to the right side of the country - as in East of the Mississippi
maybe just East of Colorado :cheese:
then all lefties and freaksters and liberty loving folks can have the mountains and west coast and everybody can do their own things and leave the others to theirs.