Build that wall?

T rump hasn’t really started building a border wall, but he has claimed some new construction of wall as his own, even tho the money and approval for upkeep was appropriated during the Obama Administration.

But T rump wants to keep spending billions to construct his personal vanity project (and to please his MAGAheads).

It is nonsense and wasteful as many have said all along. Now we see one reason among many that this is so.

For an investment of a little over $100, a smuggler can cut thru a vertical rail of the wall in minutes, push aside that rail, and Wa-La! Billions of dollars in border wall is defeated.

A reticulating saw with specific blades can easily defeat the 1st wall. Or one could invest in a 32ish foot regular ladder and a 30 foot rope ladder and away you go. The saw method looks about as cheap and much more effective and efficient than the ladder method. Plus I would rather have a reticulating saw to keep than the ladders. That’s right, you get a functional saw to keep for your monetary investment. The hokey wall however, will require more money to be repaired.

Hey you beat me to it Tim!

That wall makes about as much sense as the creepy lying guy in the white house.


Diamond blade, have you seen the power packs they have for Sawzalls and even circular saws - which they make wonderful diamond circular blades for


You should see what we Saw. :slight_smile:

I am proud if I ever can beat the legendary CC to the punch.

In a visit to one of the construction sites in September, T rump said the border wall is “virtually impenetrable” and could not be climbed.

Now he is trying to defend his wall concept from the reports of all the episodes of it being defeated in real life by simple reticulated sawing or ladders.

I imagine that the billions wasted on the wall construction, have been a boon to Mexican hardware stores. (That must be trickle down economics.) We spend billions and that in turn, stimulates a wee bit of positive economic activity, i.e., increased spending on electric saws and on ladders (in Mexico). So in effect we are stimulating Mexico’s economy a little bit by our building and paying for the wall.

That is good. Mexico will likely need a bit of money to bury the asylum seekers (waiting for court hearings) who the T rump administration has relegated to waiting in tent conglomerations on the Mexican side of the border, where they may start dying off due to desperate conditions.

Seriously, many of the asylum seekers that were able to get on the list to eventually have a court case, were sent back to the other side of the border, to wait, in Mexico. They are in closely packed hovels of camping tents, in very unhygienic conditions (including people just using open areas to relieve themselves of pee and crap - with crap and toilet paper lying out in open spaces). They have almost nothing. Some of them are doubtless going to die from the poor conditions while waiting indefinitely for their case. For many perhaps that court date may never come.

A common theme for the T rump administration, in regards to asylum seekers, has been to expose them to terribly aversive conditions (including the worst condition of having young children absconded with by the US govt). This has all been the primary strategy, all along, that is, to make their experiences so intolerable, that other potential asylum seekers will find out and not come to the US to begin with. If this strategy requires that some of them die while trying to gain asylum, I think that the T rump administration is secretly okay with this. Maybe not just okay with it, but hoping for it.

On another note:

I saw where the T rump White House Halloween celebration which had children visiting, had a craft area available, called “Build a Wall” where children could pretend with craft work, to Build a Wall.

This is much like, when the Obama administration had children that visited the White House for a special occasion, to play a game where they pretended to provide affordable health care. (Oh wait! That never happened. If it had, Republicans would have been having steam blowing out their ears.)

Am I weird for being totally floored that a President of the United States goes to attend the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

And you think we’re not heading straight towards some hell? This fucker is starting to recruit his brown shirts.

That’s what the leftie could never get a grip on, these people are playing for keeps and ruthless and self certain and yearning to burn. Oh, bet most are still scratching your heads, what the fuk is he talking about. I’m talking about very angry people on the right and on the left timid people who rather talk past each other.

History does not offer reassurance for the next years.

If we aren’t changing minds we are losing!



Some righties have been talking about Civil War should things not go well for T rump. A Civil War would probably not go well for us lefties. T rump, being Commander in Chief would have the advantage in controlling the military, tho a substantial part of the military would probably rebel against being used against citizens. Beyond that, the righties in the general public would probably have more privately owned assault weapons. The lefties would have the advantage of being smarter. All in all America would possibly become a hell hole failed state.

I agree with your concerns about the possibility of some incredibly bad times ahead. But I still hope for the best.

Weird. I just tried twice to submit a post with Louis Gomer’s pic on it, and they seemed to disappear.

I don’t know where they went, but wherever, I hope they don’t scare anyone. Basically a couple of days ago, he was in the news for warning about the Impeachment inquiry being a coup de tat that could bring on civil war.

I did include the word penis in those disappeared posts. I am submitting this post with that word, to see if it disappears.