Biden joined Truth Social, immediately followed Trump

  • President Joe Biden wrote “converts welcome!” in his first post on Donald Trump’s social media site.

By golly there’s life in those donkeys! It’s been many years since the Democratic Party has made me smile but I keep getting these glints of hope, the freshmen have some great spokespeople, Biden keeps surprising everyone, so by gum, why not, a little guarded optimism during this time of GOP meltdown into MAGA madness.
Makes me wanna sing, don’t tell me this party ain’t got no heart.

With his own mug shot even.

President Biden’s re-election campaign joined former President Trump’s social media platform Truth Social “mostly because we thought it would be very funny,” it said.

Why it matters: The move is part of the Biden campaign’s evolving effort to build an online presence in preparation for the president’s potential rematch with Trump, who is also coordinating an extremely online campaign.

By the numbers: Both follow counts on the campaigns’ accounts were regularly increasing

  • Biden’s account, Biden-Harris HQ, had about 25,100 followers as of Wednesday afternoon.
  • Trump’s, Team Trump, had about 21,500.

Why it matters: The Biden campaign pithily announced it was joining his likely 2024 presidential race competitor on Trump’s Twitter-like platform, as they both vie to appear extremely online.

  • “The U.S. presidential campaign is playing out in real time on Truth Social,” Truth Social said in an email announcing Biden’s campaign had joined. “Don’t miss the action!”
  • Since creating his account this week, Biden’s team has used it to criticize Trump’s presidency and share political news, including about the Israel-Hamas war and vacant House speakership.

Talking about glints of hope, here’s another one.

Oct 16, 2023 - Rachel Maddow
#msnbc #poland #farright

Voters in Poland turned out in gigantic numbers to hand a defeat to the ruling far-right party, according to exit polling, marking a win for democracy itself as voters push back against authoritarianism.

or closer to home.

Oct 18, 2023
Soon after left-leaning Janet Protasiewicz was sworn into the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, several GOP justices began a crusade to impeach her based on unsubstantial claims. Hear Jennifer Rubin’s breakdown of the series of unfortunate events in Wisconsin.

Breaking news : MSNBC the news media that says its reporting is objective, balanced and fact based, suspends muslim achors Mehdi Hasan, Ayman Mohieddine and Ali Velshi during Israels carpet bombing of Gaza

Yessss, there you have it. A complete misdirection of truth. Ari Velshi is in Palestine reporting on the war in spite of being exposed to personal harm. The other 2 are reporting on their various assignments.

But then , "The Business Standard " is an Arab newspaper. I wonder why their reporters print false news. Fear?

MSNBC denies report it sidelined Muslim anchors in Israel-Hamas coverage as ratings slump

MSNBC denied a report that it quietly sidelined Muslim anchors amid slumping ratings and outrage over the network’s biased coverage of the Israel-Hamas war.

The explosive report from Semafor on Friday said that the network has quietly taken Mehdi Hasan, Ayman Mohyeldin and Ali Velshi out of the anchor chair since Hamas’ cold-blooded terror attack on Israeli children, women, men and senior citizens.

MSNBC parent NBCUniversal told Semafor it did not sideline the hosts, saying the changes in the line up were “coincidental.”

“We have and will continue to cover the barbaric terrorist attacks on defenseless civilians in Israel last weekend and the tragic war it has provoked thoroughly and in all their dimensions,” an NBCU spokesperson told The Post.

The network has lost 33% of its primetime viewers since the deadly attack on Israel. It also saw its total viewer figures plunge 24% for the four days between Oct. 7 and Oct. 10 compared to the same period the previous week.

The network has come under fire for refusing to refer to Hamas attackers as terrorists during its coverage, as well as providing reasoning around Hamas violence, which claimed the lives of more than 1,400 Israelis and 30 US citizens.

A company official vehemently pushed back against any notion that either Hasan or Mohyeldin were being sidelined in any way. Over the past several days, Mohyeldin has appeared on several programs on MSNBC as a guest including shows hosted by Reid and Chris Hayes. While he did not host Reid’s show, a network official said that the cable channel opted to stick with its more recognizable weekday hosts rather than hand over the reins to weekend anchors. Hasan’s Peacock show is taped, and the network official said his show was shelved in favor of keeping coverage on the NBC streaming service more up-to-date.

“We have and will continue to cover the barbaric terrorist attacks on defenseless civilians in Israel last weekend and the tragic war it has provoked thoroughly and in all their dimensions,” NBCUniversal Executive Vice President of Communications Stephen Labaton said in a statement.

Hmmm, … Suspends?

Oct 16, 2023 #msnbc #palestinian #illinois

On Saturday, Wadea Al-Fayoume, a 6-year-old Palestinian-American boy, was stabbed 26 times by his landlord in his Illinois home leading to his death. Detectives were able to determine that he was targeted for being Muslim and due to the current conflict involving Hamas and Israel. The debate over the Hamas attack and Israel’s retaliation in Gaza reverting in some elements of society to post-9/11 tropes, Islamophobia, and antisemitism is discussed by Joy Reid and her guests.

Oct 9, 2023 - #MSNBC

In the aftermath of the horrific attack by Hamas on Israeli civilians, an act of terror that included mass hostage-taking, Israel has ordered a “full siege” of Gaza. At least 700 people in Israel have been killed, according to the Israeli military, and more than 570 people in Gaza and the West Bank, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. Ahead of what many expect to be a ground operation into the densely populated coastal territory, Mehdi Hasan explains what life is already like in Gaza, home to 2.2 million people, nearly half of them children.

Stick to the facts. Opinions here are worthless

"The network did not air a scheduled Thursday night episode of The Mehdi Hasan Show on the streaming platform Peacock. MSNBC also reversed a plan for Ayman Mohyeldin to fill in this week on the network for host Joy Reid’s 7 p.m. show on Thursday and Friday. Mohyeldin, an Egyptian-American journalist and veteran NBC News correspondent covered the conflict from Gaza for two years. In 2021, he aggressively questioned Israeli leaders on strikes on the territory. Two network sources with knowledge of the plans told Semafor that the network also plans to have Alicia Menendez fill in this upcoming weekend for Ali Velshi, a third Muslim-American host who on Sunday interviewed a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority.

Assume this is true exactly as described, what does that tell you?

Silencing voices they believe are too sympathetic towards the Palestinians

Oh, they are all sympathetic towards Palestinians. They don’t like Hamas Palestinians.

Those 500 + hamas Palestinians murdered when a missile from the Israeli army hit the hospital

Please note the date:

Mehdi Hasan on Israel, Gaza, and what happens next

Oct 19, 2023 #Israel #Gaza #Hamas

To destroy Hamas for the massacre of its citizens on October 7th, Israel appears to be preparing for a ground invasion of Gaza. But if bombing or invading Gaza is the solution to Hamas, then why hasn’t it worked the last half dozen or so times Israel tried it? As Mehdi lays out in his deep dive, we’ve seen this movie before… with the U.S. "war on terror.”

You might take you’re own advice.

Apparently no one knows yet, and so far the evidence leaves our understanding murky.
And how would anyone of us around here “know what happened”? You are as much of a victim to your preconceptions as we are of ours.
My question is if you could rationally weigh the evidence or if your passions make that impossible?

And this certainly isn’t all the evidence, so I’m not implying this article answers anything, it simply shares some of the evidence.

Simple, please note that the name of this thread is: “Biden joined Truth Social, immediately followed Trump” meaning this thread is dedicated to USA national politics.

If you want to start a thread about the hospital bombing or Hamas lobbing bombs and Israeli returning fire, please do. But, here I’m returning it to the national political crisis with a little featurette recently releases by my lawyer pal Michael Popok. Yes, from about 6:45 to 8:35 there’s a bit of shameless advertising, but hey it makes the world go round and it’s easy to skip.

For those in awe of Mr.trump’s business acumen and want to learn the secret behind the MAGA magic, this will help give some hints.

Oct 17, 2023
It was Trump all along. A new Godfather remake?

No, new earthshaking testimony from one of Trump’s current inside accountants at his fraud trial that Trump gave the command to falsely inflate his assets.

Michael Popok of Legal AF analyzes another day in the Fraud trial against Donald Trump, including the curious choice by trump’s lawyers, not to cross examine any of the employee witnesses that are killing them in court.

Fact checking and sharing is welcome.

First fact issue, it wasn’t a “back stab”, it was a full frontal.

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Yeah well, this is the atrocity that started all the atrocities. on both sides.

Families, festivalgoers, soldiers and foreigners: victims of the Hamas assault on Israel

The attack on 7 October killed more more than 1 ,300 people , including Israeli civilians and soldiers and many people from around the world. Here are some of their stories Read more

Israeli lives don’t count in your book. And that is where you are at fault.
It is an expression of racism. You only want dead jews. If not, say it!

Terrifying voicemail left for GOP lawmaker’s wife over Jim Jordan vote

Oct 19, 2023 #CNN #News

CNN has obtained exclusive audio of a threatening voice message to the wife of a congressman who opposes Jim Jordan’s bid for House speaker

The new politics of America. Elections matter.

This should a mask off event for you in how the media try and maintain a certain narrative by censoring voices that might stray from it

I have no idea what that means.

Media is people. People have beliefs and biases, some worse than others.

People also have a moral considerations, I expect honesty, and I try to be critical and I can admit it when I’m wrong. I also know much of the stuff you are outraged about, I’ve been paying attention since the '60, and I know I’m powerless to do anything, not that I haven’t tried.

What are you talking about?

What do you know?

What do you expect from my/us?

Do you have any ideas on how to make the world a better place, or how to make positive difference, even if we have to settle for the small stuff?

That is a problem with Mr Simple. Makes me wonder if it’s a real person. The IP address is from the same area the last few trolls have been from.

I’m giving him some free reign for the moment, but I don’t expect much improvement.

So we have a case study of AI in action… perhaps?

I thought we were talking about msnbc censoring 3 muslim anchors at a time when Israel carpet bombs Gaza

Yeah, here’s the thing. What you call “talking about”, isn’t necessarily what I call “engaging others in dialog”. This is a forum that asks for evidence, not attention-grabbing headlines. Semafor is left of center, but it’s not terrible, it has some balance, and actual reporting, but, what you did was highlight the parts you agree with. You took it further and claimed it was a “pull back the curtain” moment, exposing the biased Western media. I had already agreed with this earlier, but I linked a study, not a sensationalization of some scheduling changes.

It’s pretty easy to see the bias if you listen to a variety of news sources. How often do you hear the word “Hamas” without the word “terrorist” following it? How many people even know that it is a political party with committees managing neighborhoods and providing services? Then there is the military wing. Here’s the elementary fact: militaries in places like Gaza are not like militaries in industrialized democracies, they don’t care about a chain of command or politics.

So, back to your comments. We weren’t “talking about” MSNBC. You pasted a headline, said some unsubstantiated things, ignored half of the link you posted, and then berated people here for not taking your point of view. I don’t care what side you take, that behavior is a violation of the rules.