Biden goes to Saudi arabia

I can disagree with you and disagree with some of Biden’s policies and not be contradictory. Absolutes rarely apply in politics

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Thats not clarity. But this will be.

Do you agree with what tom cotton has said??

no, i don’t…

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Thanks but that begs the question- why?

Does it? Seems pretty obvious to me. And it shows we agree, right? If America is a democracy, then it needs to promote democracy in the world.

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And it is not and there must be a reason why.

You aren’t making sense. What’s your stance here?

Granting MBL immunity is US imperialism in action with the need to whitewash the crimes of their allies in Middle East and elsewhere in order to advance their own geopolitical and economical interests at a time of great power competition. Back in cold war they had supported brutal dictators and regimes as an excuse for being against Communism. This pervasive trend now continues at a time of rising social tensions in many parts of the world.

We pretty much have always been. We can still be democratic, even though we don’t get a direct vote on military spending or manuevers.

For some reason people come to forums like this and think other people aren’t aware of what it means to be a 1st world power.

Who claims the US is democratic ? Not the legendary Gore Vidal

"Our form of democracy is bribery, on the highest scale, There is only one party in the United States - the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat”

You are playing the “No True Scotsman” game. I don’t think you really care.

Biden doens’t know what he is doing he lost to republicans in the house and tied at the senate even though democrats say they have majority or control all that can change in a blink of eye. Because of A scandal or deal made behind congress doors those seat can go to favor to republicans everything is tied ! And Joe Biden went before to get Saudi help becuase of the deal of Nuclear deal of Iran and needs to make A new one. People everything has changed and that deal prevented war again. Joe cannot do it.

He needs A new war being that of second Iraq war or war in Africa near Israel to give way to A new deal in Iran. Truly Joe Biden cannot grasp the needed power or strength to regain control of middle east. Know that this will get more out of control in the middle east. The nuclear deal of Iran is just to wash money and illegal activities in that sector that China, Usa, Israel, Iran, and Russia make only to pave way for more wars in the future.

In the spirit of one Samuel Jackson - Projection is the last refuge of a Scoundrel !!!

Actually, Dems do have a majority control in the Senate, because of Kamala. She breaks any tie and you know she will lean towards her party. When they say, “Mr. President” in the Senate, they do not mean Joe Biden. They are talking to who you know as the VP.

No country needs war. War never solves anything.

The way things are going will not resolve things they just leave things in A cliffhanger in 2024 and A suprise is gonna come no whatever what we won’t expect and it may not be Trump. But still more foreign policy is needed and Biden doesn’t have the power.

He needs war in his favor, banks to give him more, and politicla shift in the enxt months to pút the hosue back in his favor becuase he is going to fight for everything he party tries to pass bills and it’s going to be too expensive shift of power is going to happen next year starting January and oil prices will rise becausr of Ukraine war.

Iran has a most obvious solution to resolve this. A commitment from the international community that the ME will be a nuclear weapons free zone.

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