Biden goes to Saudi arabia

And begs Mohammed bin Salman, to increase oil production. Also reminds him that what he did to Jamal Khashoggi was a violation of the international human rights to which was the reply you can talk - what happen in Abu Ghraib prison?

It’s not like he came back and said “MBS says he didn’t do it … So I believe him”

He also agreed with Israel PM that Iran shouldn’t get nukes, but disagreed on how to prevent it.

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How do you know he begged? He could have just asked in order to cut a deal.

How do you know it wasn’t some sort of arrangement, a reminder that the U.S. still holds some power as to whether or not he is charged with some sort of human rights violation? Of course, it would be awful if he got off on charges all because an agreement to supply the U.S. with climate damaging and creature killing oil.

It’s really not worth talking to someone who adds emotional language to diplomatic encounters. I remember Republicans saying Obama shouldn’t talk to any enemies at all. That tune changed significantly with Trump. If they can’t discuss the issues themselves, it’s not a conversation.

The fist pump with a murderer of a country that biden said he would call out as a pariah state when he was president.

What do you think Biden should do?

Biden has agreed with and maintained trumps policy towards iran in pursing to iolate and threaten iran and rejects obama’s P 5 +1 iran nuclear deal

What is a pariah state?

A President should never fist bump – let alone an 80 year old president. But America is not a serious country anymore.

Biden has covid. That trip turning into a real flop

Oh Russian lover, just because he got COVID does not mean the trip was a flop. Gas prices are slowly going down and he did get some Climate Change contributing oil from the Saudis.

He got a fist pump and covid

No, he got a fist bump and COVID. What’s your point? It was bound to happen because he didn’t wear a mask when interacting with the public. I currently work at Walmart as a cashier, despite a degree, and I now wear an N95, as well as fully vaccinated and double boosted. So far, I’ve not gotten COVID-19, as far as I know. Even before I started wearing an N95, I was wearing a cloth mask with 2 filters in it. So, I’ve been extremely cautious as a cashier. Have to be and President Biden should have been too, not just to set an example, but to protect himself.

Nothing to hide there.

How is your hero doing?
He looked a little fidgety standing there waiting for Erdogan.

Oh dear — Biden administration grants immunity to Saudi crown prince, murderer of Jamal Khashoggi

This is a discussion forum. Not a place where you post articles with quips. Engage with logic and evidence, or don’t post at all.

Remember bidens talk about declaring saudi arabia a pariah state?

Sen. Tom Cotton says it all: “What matters most about governments around the world is less whether they’re democratic or nondemocratic and more whether they’re pro-American or anti-American.”

With “American” meaning Wall Street and US imperialism.

So let there be no more talk about US standing up for human rights, humanitarian interventions and promoting democratic values, a force for justice and good You can be as a brutal and oppressive as the saudi regime but as long as you dont challenge the global capital order and the US world order you will be supported by the US.

One sentence does not equal “all”

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Id est - nothing more needs to be said. But you know that.