Beatle Mania? Hollywood Bowl 1964

This started under the “Entertainment and Pop Culture” board
but by the time I was done I realized it belongs under “Humanism”

<strong>Humanism - the ability to enjoy and appreciate the pageant of life.</strong>
WOW. By a curious chain of events I just watched a short video that made quite an impression.
The audience :gulp: :ahhh:
<blockquote>BEATLES Live at Hollywood Bowl 1964</blockquote>
Those girls!!! non stop hysterical screaming.
I mean I was in the existential-neighborhood being nine years old at the time
and like millions of other 'casual' fans, so I knew about it,
But now looking at it from a half century later :ohh:
maybe that's why this silly video made such an impression.
John seems annoyed - <em>would someone f'ing listen to the songs</em>
Yet these guys played in the bars in Hamburg, not an attentive crowd.
But this here crowd of teenaged girls nonstop screaming not a note could have gotten through.
What happened………………… ?
What a trip.
It occurs to me that although these girls couldn't listen to a single note there at the Hollywood Bowl,
each certainly knew every song intimately, so the music is what originally brought them there*
(*that whole BeatleMania thing)
I mean the Beatles have stood the test of time.
<blockquote>Howard Goodall</blockquote>
So. It's not like those girls didn't already know every song by heart.
So, what was going on?
Perhaps it's as simple and complex as hormones...
the direct visual {and visceral} contact with those four musical hottie gods
may have created a mass-orgasm amongst that mass of 'young wildflowers'.
<em><span style="color: purple;">Incidentally, I hear that those religious revival preaching tents, were and are,
a hot spots for picking young flowers in the midst of such exhalation..</span></em>
No match for blossoming womanhood.
OK, back to more serious nonsense.</em>