Baby Pomegranates

I bought some baby pomegranates the other day, these are grown by DJ Forry out of Reedley, CA. With a USA/E-U sticker 3127. Big business, check em out on google maps.
I’m cutting into the first one, little fruit, small seeds. Makes it a whole different ballgame for my big fingers with their built in memory of all the pomegranates that passed through them before.

The seed fruit is pink rather than the gaudy red and juicy I love seeing. The, taste, okay, juiciness, okay, but a bit hollow. Has sweetness and pomegranate flavor, but not enough to leave the usual pomegranates after glow. Seems to me a good bet that the fruit wasn’t fully ripened.

So I got to wondering, given the fact of the California drought and the water intensive nature of pomegranates, whether these were picked early to save the crop from desiccation?

Will pomegranates become rare on the shelves and sky high in prices?

Will there even be pomegranates available next year?

Do (the collective) you ever get worried about your own future food “security” as you watch the latest random climate catastrophe unfold?

California fruit growers react to drought

I love pomegranates, but I never heard of Baby Pomegranates. I’ll have to look for them and try them.

“Worry” is a complex word. I’ve had a great life, so I don’t worry about not having lived.

My wife gardens and cans, and I support her with some labor, so I have a vague sense of what it might be like to attempt to subsist on my own farming. Even if I could, if I was successful, I would also have to defend my land from all the people who don’t know that food comes from seeds. At some point, that could lead to a life and death decision. That worries me a little.