Looking forward to feasting on my summer crops

Summer harvest ahead

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What are you growing? Are you Australian? We are looking forward to a white Christmas here.

I see your crop signs now. Nice.

I may live in the U.S., but I always look forward to a green Xmas. At best, I end up with a brown or gray one and at worst, I end up with a white one or even worse than that, a crystal clear one (ice). I never did like ice and/or snow, even when I was a kid. It was way too cold and I never wanted to go play in the snow as a kid.

Nice. Would be fun to see another picture in a few months.

A 6-foot chain-link fence plus three strands of barbed wire?

Why not just electrify the fence, @ibelieveinlogic ?

I appreciate gardening. I’ve been doing it for years. It is amazing how much one can grow in just a small space and how much better it tastes than store bought. Besides that it can be fun. I plan on planting my elephant garlic this week.

The fence in the photo seemed to indicate a need for a lot of security.


I agree @ibelieveinlogic , I was raised on garden veggies too and I’ve become very picky as to where I buy veggies. They have to be very fresh or as fresh as possible. Hellmart and Aldi don’t have it, but places like Sprouts (gets fruits and veggies from local farmers, at least part of the year, almost a Farmers’ Market, but open year around) are closer to almost fresh out of the garden. In between that is a local store that accepts veggies from local farmers too. I avoid buying fruits and veggies from places like Hellmart and Aldi, because they aren’t fresh enough and quite often they have rotten stuff mixed with the rest of the not quite so fresh veggies.

And yes, I do go to Farmers’ Markets in the summer for the freshest veggies.

Yes. Should be 4 strands of barbed wire